I don’t get any benefit from the links to products provided – I’m just linking so people can find the things I have used and found work for me. If you do buy from places like Amazon consider trying easyfundraising.org.uk raising a commission from your shopping bills and selecting something like ME Association as your chosen charity

Some gadgets and disability aids I find useful in day to day living with suppliers I have personally used (UK):

Walker with seat – My rollator is fantastic when I need to walk a short distance or it’s likely I may need to queue or wait. My Topro Troja has been great. These sometimes come up on ebay now second hand nearly new.

Wheelchair – I use a wheelchair for outings and where a lot of walking or standing would be required. Having a back problem lumbar support was very important to me in a choice of wheelchair. I use the Medicare Engima Super Deluxe which has an adjustable backrest. I use a manual self propelled even though I cannot propel myself – but it gives me the ability to wiggle myself into position or out of the way if I need to.  The back seat cover and rear pocket are fastened with lots of velcro which I am unable to tear myself.  But it is a very comfortable wheelchair!

Laptop – My laptop was a great price and has been a lifeline.

Wireless Broadband – Life has been so much easier since I got my laptop and wireless broadband!

Lap Protection – my laptop  gets quite hot  when it runs making it uncomfortable so I use a heat proof pad which also cushion my legs. I’ve had a Belkin Cushdesk for years and it’s been brilliant.

Earplugs – I have small ears and ear canals so use Mack’s Safesound Junior and recently E.A.R Soft Neons (36dB). They are ok for the odd occasion but they do give me ear pain.

I also use these earplugs in the day to turn down the volume if needed (loud TV, sitting near a speaker in a restaraunt, etc) – ACS ER-20 earplugs

And I use these for in bed (though I can’t wear them all night) – ACS ACS-PAC1 Pacato Hearing Protectors

Eyeshade – Great for bad migraines and sleeping Mack’s Shut-Eye Shade has a padded bridge for the nose to keep the shade away from your eyes and two thin adjustable elastic straps to keep it in place.  Again supplied by www.snorestore.co.uk

Water Bottle – I have a reusable water bottle with a clever valve that let you drink water at any angle. You bite the valve and gently suck the water. It’s not 100% leak proof but at least I’m not re-using plastic bottles that end up in the rubbish. I use a Camelbak Better 500ml bottle. It’s spill proof but you can get a bit of a leak if you leave it lying on it’s side. From wiggle

Pressure Cushion (for Vulvodynia)Putnams Sero Cushion without cutout is fantastic. I have the standard which is ok for being portable so I can take it with me when I go out. I put a normal cushion cover on it which means I can switch the cover and have it washed. I’d like to get the Armchair version for using at home as it’s a bit more wiggle room.

Remember The Milk – A free online service that lets you set reminders for those important things. I use it to keep track of regular things that quickly drop out of my brain (as does remembering to check my diary). This will email me a reminder. www.rememberthemilk.com

Daylight Lightbulbs – Low energy daylight bulbs are a great boost for me especially in the winter.  When I’m stuck indoors all the time it helps to lift my mood on those grey days and dark early nights.

Bed Desk – Started using a desk in bed to take to weight of my laptop. I tried another version in metal but it wasn’t balanced well enough to support the weight of a laptop securely but this wooden bed desk works much better.

Dental Splint – I use a dental splint, a mouthguard shaped to my bottom set of teeth, from my private dentist to prevent teeth grinding and jaw clenching while I sleep.  It helped break the habit of jaw clenching within a month or so of wearing it but I still use it from time to time when I am very stressed, hyped or in a lot of pain to prevent jaw clenching in my sleep and this pain the next day.

TENS – My TENS helps with some of the more acute and breakthrough pain from time to time. I use TENS Care Touch which is an easy model to use with TENS Care electrodes which I’ve found are best

Heart Rate Monitor – A heart rate monitor designed for sports helps me to monitor my own high heart rate and can be used as the basis for pacing. I use the discontinued Mio Alpha 2 and on my phone the Android app Sport Gear Tracker usually with an old phone. The monitor was pretty close when I had my tilt table test for POTS diagnosis but can be a little skittish when I’m moving around. But it gives me a good idea what’s going on when.

If I need a quick check of my heart rate I use an Android app that gives a one time measurement using your camera lens.

Air Styler – A round brush combined with an electric hairdryer makes styling and drying hair a bit easier (when I’m able!) Not having to coordinate a brush and a hair dryer helps, plus it’s concentrated on one area so more easily directed where it’s needed and doesn’t need two arms just one. I found mine on ebay for a bargain price (unwanted gift) and have Remington AS7050 Airstyler

Touchscreen Mobile Phone with Internet – My mobile phone with touchscreen has made sending texts easier as I now have a full keyboard I can use and also I can access my email and social networking sites using my phone.  This is good when I am seperated from my laptop or want to check for new messages quickly.

Grabber/Reacher – I use a Gripcert Reacher because of my back problems but it’s also handy for reaching/grabbing/moving small items when you have ME/CFS. I find the shorter 26 inch length better to control with limited strength.

Electric Toothbrush – Not only does my Sony Electronic Toothrbush save me valuable energy having the brush do all the work for me but it actually cleans my teeth better than I ever could!

Walking stick (Simple) – My everyday walking stick is for balance and the “escort handle” makes it easy to hold. A simple, black, adjustable, cheap but sturdy walking stick. Supplied by www.aidmobility.co.uk

Walking stick (Funky) – For those dressy days or just for fun a vibrant funky walking stick. Supplied exclusively by the makers www.switchsticks.co.uk


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