A collection of articles and resources that I have found useful in coping and coming to terms with a CFS/ME life and with chronic illness.  Focusing here on the emotional and some practical aspects – rather than medical.

Coping with Chronic Illness 

Coming To Terms With A Life You Didn’t Plan – personal experience of the effects on a previously active life from a CFS sufferer and how to cope

Understanding the Different Phases of CFS – make sense of how you’re feeling with this simple explanation of a Four Phase Model of chronic illness using a patient case – from CFIDS Association of America

Coping With Chronic Illness – dealing with the whirl of emotions triggered by chronic illness and the importance of good mental health

The “Roller Coaster Emotional Ride” of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome – realistic and pulls no punches on the challenges of living with CFS/ME but knows how to cope with this

Creative Ways to Transform Challenges – a selection of articles for coping, finding meaning and nuturing positivity in the face of difficult circumstances

Managing chronic fatigue syndrome (myalgic encephalomyelitis)– 15 basic tips for managing CFS/ME (some of which I’m not entirely convinced about but others which are good to be reminded of from time to time)

Seven Steps to Managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – 7 strategies for dealing with CFS/ME (my favourite of which is number 7: laughter)

Coping With An Invisible Illness – easy to read article including others expectations, illness roles and practical advice – from Rest Ministries

Not Done Living – articles from a sufferer with a positive outlook including his “Open Letter to Those Without Fibro/CFS”

Chronic Babe Coping Articles – a collection of articles including practical tips, adjusting to a life with chronic illness, relationships and more from Chronic Babe

Personal Coping Stories

A Sudden Illness: How My Life Changed by Laura Hillenbrand – best selling author and CFS sufferer

The Glass Cage by Dr Clare Fleming – a doctor with ME

Practical Advice

100 Tips for FMS and Insomnia – from Dominie

ME Tips – from Trev Williams

Practical Hints for coping with ME – from A Hummingbirds Guide

Useful Resources

The Spoon Theory – a brilliant way to explain fatigue and limitations from But You Don’t Look Sick

Telling Others – free booklet available to print explaining about ME/CFS which you can give to family/friends from Action for ME


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