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Miscommunication: Half of One

Frozen ME/CFS brain as I exclaimed to Growler:

“It’s half of one and sixty dozen of the other”



Miscommunication: Transfer of Donkey

Watching the local evening news on the television yesterday evening, as usual with these posts I’m only half listening. 

The sports news turns to football (soccer for my American friends) and transfers (players changing to different club teams.

I hear the presenter say something about the transfer of a donkey.

But he actually said (Growler tells me) something about the transfer of a goalie (as in a goalkeeper).

Hmmm. That would make more sense.

Miscommunication: Wimbledon Tennis #2

Still not listening to the tennis on the television properly.

I heard …

Umpire: Steady on

I thought that was an odd thing to say. 1, 2, 3 seconds to process and I realised he said …

Umpire: Thirty – love

Miscommunication: Wimbledon Tennis

Not listening properly to the tennis on the television I heard …

Umpire: Fifteen – Pudding

I think it he actually said “Fifteen – Forty”.

Miscommunication: Put It Down To Brain Fog

Settling down in bed …

Rachel: She said (such and such) but I think she meant to say (this and that)

Growler: Oh I see.

Rachel: Yer.  Put it down to brain frogs

Growler: [Chuckle] Brain frogs?

Rachel: Bain f-f-fog.  I mean brain frog – FOG!

Miscommunication: Triathlon Coverage

Half watching triathlon coverage on the television 

Rachel: Did he (commentator) just say “sleek backed panda”?

Hubbie: [Stares blankly] No. “Steep left hander” (as in bend in the road).

Rachel: Oh.


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