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I have a suspicion that peri-menopause may be upon me but being on Cerazette (progestrone pill) it’s difficult to know for sure. I’ve been experiencing anxiety with some panic attacks in a pattern and manner that feels hormonal. It’s a bit like being a teenager again in terms of the presentation of mood swings. Also things in my downstairs area are … not quite right.

I had a routine smear last year which was incredibly painful because the nurse discovered (read banged into) a cervical polyp. A GP referral to hospital had that removed on the day all very quick and easy. But it did add to my feeling of doom that I’m lumbering into middle age and things are inevitably going awry.

I had a recurrence of vulva itching recently and had treated it as a skin condition. When I had this last year it turned out to be a consequence of the thrush cream I had used to treat what I thought was fungal. So the antifungals made me more itchy than ever. But thrush had triggered the initial itch.

I’ve had another bout of thrush, which reminded me that I feel I basically have it more or less most of the time internally as I’ve been older. But it doesn’t often spread to external so maybe it’s just my normal to be uncomfortable sometimes.  Anyway seemed to be thrush this time so I treated with a pill 5 days ago. But in my reading found that vaginal dryness can be a factor for recurring infections. I don’t really want to take long courses of anti-fungals (despite stocking up from an online pharmacy to do just that!) so I did some reading to see if I could redress the balance another way and try to see off recurring infection.

I’ve started taking ordinary probiotics and am due to start probiotics specific to redressing female areas when my delivery arrives. I’m looking to take Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri specifically. These are available from Optibac and Jarrow as special female formulas but are pricey. I found a similar product from Swanson which contains other helpful stuff too.

Probiotics for Women – Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri

I’m also going to try a vaginal moisturiser. I looked for ages for natural stuff when I had the vulva itching and have used both Badger Nappy Balm and Diprobase. But for internal I had struggled to find anything that was full of stuff some articles said to avoid. Then by accident I found Multi-Gyn Actigel which not only is supposed to help boost your natural secretions but also prevents and treats bacterial vaginosis.

So for now probiotics and actigel. Hopefully that will make things happier and more comfortable.

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