365 Days of Weight Loss with ME

It’s my 365th day of weight loss using MyFitnessPal.com and I’ve logged my food and exercise every day since I made the decisions to lose the weight.

I’ve lost a smidge off 2.5 stone.
I’ve lost 7″ of my waist, hips and bust.
I’ve even lost 2.75″ off my ankles and I never considered I had fat ankles before!

 photo 7342f173-9ad9-447b-b6e1-d80e10fbd497_zpsbd65ad28.jpg

I’ve kept to the plan by not denying myself anything bur rather have small moderate indulgences as treats and a day off every so often where I’ve gone over my allowance and just enjoyed it.

I’m set to sedentary on MFP because of my illness ME/CFS but I have been logging things other people would find trivial – like cooking or bleaching my hair – because for me those things take a lot of energy and are outside my normal activity levels.

When I started trying to exercise I had to push myself to do a 10 minute seated workout and managed just the warm up section of my Pilates DVD (mat work).  I used tiny hand weights and had to limit my exercise to every other day or so.  I started swimming in the summer and the first few times I managed maybe 4 lengths over 20 minutes with lots of resting inbetween.

Now I can do nearly an hour of floor based Pilates, 20 minutes of (gentle, low impact) workout DVD’s and am up to around 1.5kg weights (and increasing as I focus on some strength exercises).   I’m swimming 2-3 times a month and although I still have to rest between lengths and go gently on average I’m burning the calories MFP would expect me to for the time I’m in the pool – meaning I average out to a normal person in swimming terms 😉

Body Control Pilates, swimming and lately toning with weights has been achievable exercise which has given me results & benefits.

pilates diamond press

Pilates Diamond Press – Fantastic for My Posture

My stamina is better, my flexibility is much better, my back pain is less, I had to get smaller clothes. My posture has improved. I wouldn’t say I have more energy in a conventional sense because of how my illness robs me of energy but I do feel lighter and more able to do bouts of activity and recover reasonably quickly. When I push myself (which isn’t always a good idea with my illness) I can push myself for harder and longer before I feel I’m about to collapse.I’m about 70% to target which I hope to hit in May 2013 if I can get things back on track from my current plateau.  I’m taking delivery of a Fitbit this week and am hoping to start doing some walking to increase my cardio and see if I can build up gradually to doing more.

The Fitbit should provide some interesting information about the level of my activity during the day as it’s very sensitive.  Being so sedentary it’s sometimes difficult to know just what calorie allowance to use and I switched to Lightly Active in December as I was doing a bit more routinely but that led to my weight plateauing through January.  The Fitbit should help give me some insight into my average activity levels as well as encourage me to up my step count if possible.  Motivation to move isn’t the issue, as ever with ME/CFS it’s physical resources I lack not determination.

I have managed to increase my exercise over the year but I mainly owe my weight loss to diet and following a calorie controlled diet which is low in fat (like the Swank Low Fat Diet for MS I’ve mentioned before).

More background about how I’ve lost weight with ME/CFS:


4 Responses to “365 Days of Weight Loss with ME”

  1. 1 Cusp February 10, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    Congratulations Rachel ! This is such a great achievement for anyone but for anyone with M.E./CFS it’s outstanding. I’m so proud of you ( if that doesn’t sound too patronising) and pleased for you.

    Hope you reach the target you have set yourself and can maintain. I’m sure you will because one of your great strengths is your ability to be organised, thorough and determined xxx

  2. 3 Sue Jackson March 14, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    Wow, Rachel, I am so out of touch! I had no idea you’ve been doing this all year!! What an amazing accomplishment!!! That is fabulous – the photos are stunning – you look GREAT!

    I am trying to exercise more, too, but the thing that allows me to exercise – beta blockers – have also bloated me a bit. Of course, in CFS, bloating is a good thing – it means an increase in blood volume and is part of what is allowing me to do more. But the extra inches are very discouraging. I have a very small frame and did not need an extra inch on my bust! And my belly is just depressing.

    The tough part for me is that we already eat a healthy diet. If I drop calories much more, my hypoglycemia kicks in.

    Oops – sorry to be a buzz-kill. This is your party! Congratulations! I will look at your links – maybe I can learn something.

    Way to go!!


  3. 4 ethicsgirl October 31, 2013 at 12:39 am

    Congratualtions! What a brilliant achievement, and thank you for your inspiring posts. I have ME and have put on a bit of weight over the years, so I’ve already started the 5:2 diet (which is great, making me appreciate food a lot more), just bought an activity tracker, and now bought a PT Rebounder. Hope I can improve my health and fitness as well as you have yours. Thanks again for sharing your experiences. Best wishes 🙂

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