Noise Brain Explosion

As some of you on Facebook might have seen I had an intense noise sensitivity reaction yesterday.  There were sudden bursts of squealing grinding drilling from workmen next door – and by that I mean effectively in the rooms next to our bedroom and lounge (pretty much where I am 98% of the time).

I haven’t suffered badly from noise sensitivity for a while now.  Sure some things still bug me and some things rob me of all concentration and focus but on the whole it’s been pretty stable.  I can even have the telly on and read at the same time which is amazing compared to a couple of years ago.

So not only did I react badly to the noise but I was shocked and scared by the extreme reaction. It seems ridiculous but I was crying and shaking and absolutely desperate to get away from the noise.  It didn’t help that I was just at the point of doing something that used my brain and my computer was on a go slow so I was frustrated too plus tired/weary from poor sleep/IBS flare earlier in the week.

I sat at the top of the stairs with my ear defenders on (still able to hear the noise but somewhat muffled) trying to finish the task I had started, shaking and snuffling.  The stairs is the furthest point away from our neighbours side.  What I really wanted was to be able to go out and escape.  So of course that makes it worse because I can’t go anywhere.  I am stuck and suddenly feel the weight of that.

The noise didn’t last very long and there were just a few bursts through the early afternoon.  My neighbours are wonderful and usually warn me about work but I guess as it was the middle of the day thought it would be ok or forgot this time.  And it’s not their fault.  How could they know my ME would make me react so badly when I couldn’t have predicted it?  And how can you fit windows without making noise?  No it’s the ME that has me miffed.

I felt like a wild animal startled by something loud and alien.  I wasn’t in control of that intense reaction and it left me exhausted.  My throat was sore and my glands were throbbing which is what I used to experience with the slightest stress when my ME was a bit worse.  I think this combined with other clues has to indicate that my ME is worse at the moment than I’ve realised.  Usually it’s fatigue and brain fog that are my first indicators of a flare or crash but this time it’s other things. Perhaps that shift is due to LDN which has helped the fatigue and the brain fog. Though I did struggle to read a book last night that I was skipping through the day before so cognitives are a bit mushed.

There was I am sure a good reason why I started to blog about this but honestly I’ve forgotten.  Completely gone. Brain exploded and sensible thoughts have hidden away in dark corners.

Today, with continued banging, tapping and electric tool noises I’ve had my MP3 earphones in with ear defenders over the top.  It’s been quite effective but the ear defenders make my head squashed and hurty after a while.  And there’s only so much music I can take in my ears no matter how lovely and calming it may be.  Now the sun is out I’m wishing I could just go out even more.  Especially as I think my neighbours went out for the day to avoid the noise.  I don’t often feel like I’m imprisoned in my home but today I kind of do.  Hey it’s only a day or so.  And it is the exception to the norm.  So I shall be grateful that the norm is so good and just suck it up.


1 Response to “Noise Brain Explosion”

  1. 1 ashysheela January 28, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    Oh, I have felt exactly like that when the cleaners come – sometimes quite distressed by the noise of the vacuum and more by their loud sharp voices (more distressing when i have explained to them and asked them to keep voices low).

    I don’t want to be here when they are and want to leave the house but cannot. So trapped. Last week it was sunny and I sat the whole hour on the doorstep. It felt like i was away from them and watch a blackbird eat red berries etc etc. A few inches from inside to outside was like a whole world away, even though my back did not thank me. In the past i have sat in the car, or walked to the nearest bench (i could not sit there an hour any more) but it’s hard to do those things and look so wierd! Easier in summer too.

    We are getting a wall hacked back and lined then re-plastered because of a damp problem soon – that will be fun… Sorry it was such a shocking experience, it is good to heed the warnings and perhaps take a step back and rest a bit more, however frustrating that will be 😦

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