Just a Little Bit: Year long fundraising for ME Reasearch

11/365 moneyLast year I took part in the Just Four Quid campaign to raise money for ME Research.  The idea was to use money saving tips to save cash for yourself and then give a little of what you saved to charity.  With a lot of support from friends and family I managed to raise £390 for ME Research UK

The campaign ran from May 2009 to May 2010.  But once it finished I decided to keep it up for another year and see if I could raise another £200 pretty much by myself from saving bits of money here and there.  I also would try to give around 10& of my earnings from my art sales.


I’m very grateful that friends and family have also contributed this year and that has meant thanks to their generosity that I’ve just reached my target of £200 with 4 months still to go!

I’ll keep contributing to see just how far I can push past the target but it’s brilliant to know I’ve reached the goal!

Got some great books from the library. Been a long time. Love high tech self service!

I’ve done this mainly through:

  • using vouchers and coupon codes to save money, using special deals or opting for free postage from shops
  • making use of my local library instead of buying certain books and DVDs then giving on average £1 per book and 50p per DVD
  • making a contribution from what I’ve earnt on art sales
  • using my credit card for all my transactions then donating the cashback I earn

I’m glad my brother just gave a big donation to push me past the target as I’ve gone a bit book buying crazy this month so not many savings (although I’ve shopped around for bargains buying used books). In my defence I’ve been buying books my library doesn’t stock and so that I can post them on to my friend living in India whose feeling a bit starved of Western culture.

But it still remains that the £200 target for ME Research is met and there’s still scope for more contributions before May 11th 2011.


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