Making My Own Tummy Remedy #2

I’ve been successful with making my own tummy remedy.

I’ve been using:

  • 1mg Sodium Bicarbonate
  • 0.8mg Potassium Bicarbonate
  • 0.5mg Citric Acid

I started with less citric acid (0.2mg) which was enough to help disolve the other ingredients with effervesence but left a lot to be desired in the taste department.  More citric acid makes it taste a lot better and sort of refreshing.

The tub of Sodium Bicarbonate I bought is packaged for medicinal use which is handy as the directions suggest (for adults and children over 12) “Take 1g to 5g in water every 4 to 6 hours (a level teaspoon holds about 5g)”

Of course this is not for those on a low sodium diet and it also has warnings for “heart, kidney or liver problems, are taking other medicines, or are pregnant. May cause abdominal cramps and flatulence“.

My homemade tummy remedy seems to be effective but I’m still not sure it’s as good as Resolve.  Which is odd because it’s the same but without the paracetamol.  Although it’s also missing 30mg of Ascorbic Acid Ph Eur, 153mg of Anhydrous Sodium Carbonate Ph Eur, plus colouring, saccharin, glucose and sucrose.

I’m pretty much persuaded to ditch Eno though for all but maybe travelling with as it’s basically Sodium Bicarbonate with some Citric Acid.  Plonking half a teaspoon of sodium bicarb in a glass of water is far cheaper than buying sachets.

I can remember laughing at an old movie where the guy is always asking for some bicarb for his stomach but it seems old wives tales are not always tales!

I have a 1ml measuring spoon in my drawer and confirm that is the same as 1mg of sodium bicarbonate.  Which is handy.

I’ll keep trying the home remedy as I think it’s pretty effective – but I will check out what those other missing active ingredients in Resolve do just in case.


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