Lurching, Lumbering & Surviving

I’m still struggling with the lingering effects of this cold/virus/bug.  I’ve been in the can’t-quite-shake-it-off stage for 2 weeks now I think. Sigh.

Managed to get a  bit of work done but that, combined possibly with the LDN leaving me a bit low energy, is impacting on my ability to DO.

Good news is that now I have my DLA award in place I can afford to pay my brother’s fiance (the clutter busting angel) to do a couple of hours cleaning each week.  She did her first session this week and she’s made a big difference to a lot of grime and dirt.  I expect it will take a few weeks before she’s gotten throught the backlog and is able to get into a routine where she can keep on top of things.  But it’s already loads better.

It’s Easter weekend, meaning a long weekend off work for Growler.  Seeing as he is still struggling to shake off The Bug too the plan is for lots of lazing and chocolate. 

I did manage to implement my plan to get my photos taken for my driving licence renewal. Than god they gve me nearly 2 months to organise myself!

Yesterday I had an assisted bath so today I could look half presentable. 

Growler drove me to the train station where they have a photo booth.
20100402 lichfield train station lens flare

Crazy lens flare and distortion from my mobile phone!

Got my pics taken. Urgh passport photos!

20100402 photo booth pics

A quick stop off by Growler at the supermarket for supplies while I waited in the car.

20100402 waitrose disabed parking

Then we drove back past a couple of houses which are up for rent – one we are waiting to do a viewing on and the other we’re not sure about as the area is not so great.  Nice little house but still not sure about the area having driven around a bit.

Nice to be out and have a chance of view. And did I mention the sun came out?  Lovely.

Now I’m knackered and hoping to  have a need to move from the sofa for most of the rest of today!


6 Responses to “Lurching, Lumbering & Surviving”

  1. 1 ashysheela April 3, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    well glad you made it out of the house for a bit, even if not for anything very exciting! Cool lomo-esque mobile phone picture – you must have the lomo spirit whatever camera you handle!
    How come you have to renew license? You planning on driving places? (Eek!)
    Sorry you are still not over The Bug… hope this weekend of choc therapy will sort it out once and for all. Happy Easter!

  2. 5 Jozephine April 4, 2010 at 9:12 am

    I didn’t know that about the driving licence photo. Mine’s well out of date then. It’s so great you got DLA and can now afford a cleaner. Try and resist the temptation to tidy up before she comes round!

    Lurchfield station? Love the pics.

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