Doctors Says “Ooh that *is* exciting”

I went to see my Lovely GP on Monday to ask about thr/ush which just keeps on coming back.  As I’m on my period she gave me a swab and labs envelope so I can take a sample myself to drop in at reception. 

Then I’ll probably get daily anti-f/ungals for a month, or possibly longer if needed.  This doesn’t bother me too much.  In fact if the c/andida folks are to be believed or the various protocol’s around are right then anti-f/ungals are a good thing to be taking.

I’m reluctant to say thr/ush or anti-f/ungals or c/andida because I don’t want to get swamped by people telling me ALL my health problems stem from c/andida.  I accept it could be a factor, or caused by the ME/CFS but I’m not willing to accept it is The Answer to Everything.

I also asked my GP about getting Celevac on prescription as I am now using it daily to help with my IBS.  I like how it can be used for constipation or the other which is good for me as my IBS flips between the two.  She had to look it up as they usually prescribe other things but I did come away with a prescription.  Hurrah!  That’s going to save me a bit of money every month.

I also asked about getting Resolve on prescription which proved to be the long shot I thought as they can’t do it.  Resolve seems to be the most effective thing I’ve found so far for that bloaty, trapped wind thing which can result in tremendous pain.  It also helps with nausea.  But we’ll need to keep buying that over the counter.

We spent quite a while talking about the LDN.  I think she thought I had just come to update her.  As I tried to explain it was difficult to quantify the effect it was having she could see just be my animated attempts to put it into words that there was a difference.  We told her about the busy weekend I’d just had and how I was feeling knackered but not like a zombie – which pre-LDN I probably would have.  She had this wonderful expression of happiness, curiosity and amazement on her face.

I took a print out from the LDN Research Trust with me as well as an article about LDN which appeared in the British Medical Journal last week in the hopes of encouraging the surgery to offer LDN to any MS patients who wanted it.  She told me they had a lot of MS patients and quite a few had asked about it. She said she was going to feed back my experience to the practice and I pointed out that in MS the results can often be much more dramatic sometimes not just halting disease progression bu reversing it.  I feel like I did something worthwhile this week 🙂

It was quite strange to feel in control and be the one leading the conversation without any prompting.  I did call on Growler to input on describing what this change in me is but overall I felt like I was in the room, engaged and as my GP said with a spark about me.  Now that is exciting (even if I do feel like I could spend the day sleeping today, 2 days later!).


2 Responses to “Doctors Says “Ooh that *is* exciting””

  1. 1 ashysheela February 17, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Well done! What a pioneer.

    SOOOO happy for you. Not surprised you need a wee sleep after recent events, LDN or no!

    So nice to see a doctor engage with you and be genuinely happy for you. Good good good.

  2. 2 Jozephine February 18, 2010 at 9:06 am

    That is truly excellent 🙂

    Poor you about the thrush and IBS. I had it on and off most of last year, so mucho sympatico. I tend to think thrush is a result of CFS rather than the cause. Nobody tells you thrush is the cause of Aids yet PWA suffer with it too.

    Keep us posted on the feedback from the LDN experiment, you are – indeed – a pioneer.

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