LDN Day 4 – Switch to Night Time Dosing

It’s day 4 with my LDN and I decided to switch to night time dosing and take a chance of whether it will cause insomonia and/or vivid dreams. Or should I say even more vivid dreams!  I already experience quite vivid dreams often and find sometime they can be very disturbing.  There have been times where I haven’t wanted to go to sleep because I didn’t want the dreams to come.  But I’m going to try LDN at night time and see what happens.

The brain fog was pretty bad yesterday and I have had to go back to writing down absolutely everything I need to do in my notepad or else I forgot all about it.  It was like the early days after diagnosis when my cognitive disfunction was at it’s worst.  For me it’s one of the most distressing symptoms of ME/CFS.

I was trying to explain it to someone last night.  I guess they were trying to make me feel better by telling me “oh I get that” and it was because he’s at home a lot and not using his brain.  This isn’t the same thing.

If I had remembered the counting backwards test I could have given an effective demonstration.  You countbackwards from 100 in sevens.  It demonstrates best for me when I have a non neurologically challenged person do the test too.  Then I start and the amount of brain fog I have seems to relate to how easily I can do this test.

Anyway of course I didn’t remember that.  I couldn’t remember what day it was even.

So, in the interests of seeing if those side effects of brain fog and what not can happen while I am asleep and therefore not when I am trying to do things then that would be great.

I read a testimonial of someone who had been night time dosing and switched to day time.  She decribed feeling fluey and out of sorts with the morning dosing but with night time (and when she switched back again to night) she felt amazing during the day.  Now wouldn’t that be good?  Well I’ll settle for a fraction of that actually.

And if LDN does mess with my sleep or my dreams and I can’t stand it I can always try with morning dosing again.

Lots of theory out there, but not much evidence, so I’ll experiment.

Once I’ve been taking LDN a little longer I intend to add my experience to the LDN Database which is associated with the www.ldnnow.co.uk site. In the meantime there’s a handful of CFS experiences on there http://www.ldndatabase.com/cfs.html

I also got the acid indigestion feeling again yesterday by the evening.  Different to my usual IBS complaints.  I can only think that is the LDN too.  So maybe that will happen overnight too. Fingers crossed.


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