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Update on IBS Taming Phase 2

Ouch. The gradual introduction of non soluble fibre into my diet using fruit smoothies has not gone smoothly.  Ow ow ouch.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and there’s residual spasming this morning. Ouch.

Maybe it needs to be even more gradual an introduction? Tiny teeny amounts of insoluble fibre. Or maybe my bowels just are not ready. Sigh. I’ll need another few days to a week of the plain phase 1 foods to get me stable again before I can have another attempt.


IBS Taming: Phase 2 Attempt

I’ve been taming my horrid IBS flare for nearly a month now.  Since I last reported that I had never been so happy to eat a bowl of rice I have eaten many many more bowls and continued to be overjoyed by it every time.

In fact the last month has consisted mainly of rice, tofu, mushrooms, carrots, rice based pasta and jacket potatoes.  And lashing of soy sauce.  Plus crisped rice cereal, soy milk and bananas.  I’ve also continued to enjoy my wheat free pikelets and discovered wheat free pretzels.  Wheat is ok for this IBS Challenge provided it’s not whole wheat but I’ve had some adverse reaction to wheat whereas rice has been my friend.

Now my IBS is fairly stable on this Super Soluble Fibre diet (unless I exert after eating or am mega tired which makes me struggle despite friendly food), now I’m attempting Phase 2.  The introduction of some insoluble fibre.  Da da daaaa!

Yes folks it’s rice cereal followed by a fruit smoothie which contains fruit with some roughage blended into oblivion.

Problem is that even though it’s a small amount of insoluble fibre and even though I’m taking it with a good soluble fibre base … it leaves me feeling a bit bloated, full of gas and like I’m teetering on the edge of IBS spasm hell.

I don’t know if this is normal and it’s a matter of letting your system adjust slowly.  Or if this is a warning sign that my body is not ready for it.  So I’m going to have to just try it and see.  At least I’m not bored with m restricted diet.  How you can be bored of food if you can eat it without feeling ill?  ME/CFS is so weird.

The Only Sunflower

My mom helped me plant sunflower seeds in the garden back in early July.  Although a few sprouted only one made it to be a big strong giant sunflower.  Yesterday it opened into full bloom.

Even though I planted hafl a dozen sunflower seeds and my mom did the rest I remember how exhausted I felt afterwards.  I had to ask her to fetch me a glass of water as I couldn’t make it to the house myself even though I was the host.  Something about this bright golden flower makes all that seem insignificant.  I grew this.

The one and only sunflower to grow and bloom in my garden this year. Sep 2009.

the only sunflower

Close up with bees.

sunflower bees
See this super large

Mental Rental

Well I’m considerably less stressed and anxious than I was at the beginning of this week. 

But I am facing the prospect of having to move house.  A lower rent would be great but mainly a house with lower fuel bills would be a tremendous help in making ends meet. 

down the garden path
Our current rental house is large which means we have loads of space which is great.  But it does mean it’s difficult to heat.  Particularly as it has lots of windows (in desperate need of repair with a landlord too cheap to get the work done), most of the house has external walls (not insulated) and it’s old/drafty.  So a cosy house would be good.

Lots of space also means lots of places to pile up clutter.  We’ve lived in this house for 6 years.  We’ve accumulated a lot of stuff in that time.  Plus I’ve been ill for around 4 years and not been able to do my periodic whirlwind attacks on piles of stuff.  So there’s a lot of sorting, organising, clearing out, ebaying (and car booting) to be done.  Not to mention cleaning all those dark corners that lie forgotten about.


We’ve had lots of offers of help and words of encouragement.  My mum has been brilliant.  My brother and girlfriend, who ahve just this month moved themselves, have offered hands on help with the de-clutter, packing and moving.  Which is a huge relief.  Looks like we’ll be doing a self pack and move so we can do it on a budget.  And I can’t do much of anything myself.  Very frustrating.  I have new lessons to learn in accepting help and swallowing pride while I point at dusty grotty things to be cleaned by someone else.

We’re also going to be on a frugal, careful budget from now on.  A few more sacrifices to be made.  But we’re not on the poverty line just yet.  We just have to be very careful. Luckily laughter and love are both free.

In other news tomorrow I go to one of my best friend’s wedding bash and we’ll be staying overnight at the hotel.  I did ring earlier in the week to see if I could cancel the room and save some money but there was no refund on offer.  So we’ll be making the absolute most of this little slice of luxury.

Head Full of Rocks Wrapped in Candy Floss

My head feels a bit like it’s full of rocks wrapped in candy floss.  Not quite so sticky in there today but my brain is all over the place. 

I threw a cup of peppermint tea over my shoulder this morning in bed and it went all down my back and all over the bed/wall.  Involuntary movement that seemed quite deliberate by some broken bit of my brain.  The circuits are a bit overloaded.

Dear friends, this post on my husband’s blog will give a hint as to why my head is a mess

Sorry this isn’t the jolly post about what a lovely time I had for my birthday last week with cool pressies and a fab short break in North Wales.  I’ll try to get to that if I can focus beyond the fog for long enough.


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