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In The Grip of IBS

I’m in the midst of an IBS flare up of horrid proportions.  Things have settled a lot now I’ve been on the What To Eat When You Can’t Eat Anything plan from Help For IBS.  Because I really was at the stage when I seemingly couldn’t eat anything without pain and terrible discomfort.  The kind of discomfort that doesn’t allow anything else to go on in your brain except “ow ow ouch ow”.

Rice by Eva the Weaver on Flickr

I never knew I could be so happy to eat a bowl of rice.  Or indeed so excited to see tofu with my rice (and nothing else).  Whilst the spasms and pain and nastiness has settled down (just about) getting back to eating more normally is more of a challenge.  Gradually re-introducing other foods and roughage doesn’t have much of a formula other than to give it a go.

I’m also aware that having become so frightened and suspicious of food during the horrid flare is dangerous territory.  I hear it’s easy to fall into an eating disorder after something like that.  “Sensible” is the way to go.

Except tonight I am going out with Growler to a social media curry with a group from my local area.  Not sure curry is the best starting point for tummy rehabilitation but at least there will be lots of rice available.  Now if I could only sneak in my own marinated tofu …



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