No Place Like Home

My 24 hours at home alone went well.  I survived ok with minimal disruption or undue exertion – thanks to planning ahead, resting in anticipation, lots of strategic pre-planned support from Growler and pacing through the alone time.

The only flaw was forgetting that Flyman, our cat, would want feeding in the morning.  I should have planned to relocate downstairs from first thing to maximum efforts, instead of going downstairs and up again.  It just meant I was in bed a little longer than I have been for a few weeks but no major disruption as Growler was home by lunch.

Also Flyman was very well behaved and only came up the bed to ask for food once I had started to stir.  It was suggested on Twitter that perhaps he was respecting Mother’s Day (here in the UK) by letting me have a lie in.  I was certainly pleased not to have a paw stuck in my face at 6am or awake to find I’m being stared at  like he does to Growler regularly.

So a success.  I was grateful (and lucky) to have had a reasonable 2 days of health and energy relatively symptom free aside from some fatigue and aching.  No migraines or terrible tum to contend with.

My biggest achievement I think was succeeding in allowing Growler to leave me home alone without worrying constantly about me.


1 Response to “No Place Like Home”

  1. 1 ninacolors March 23, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    YAY Flyman!! (Oh, and you too Rachel:-)

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