The Ducks Came To Me

I love ducks.  More so since I’ve been ill with ME.  A lot of the places we visit in my wheelcahir to get some air and expand my world seem to have water and ducks.

Ducks make me smile and usually giggle.  They just go about their lives undisturbed by me.  They are duck through and through.  I watch them waddle about on land and I suppose I feel a kindred spirit.  Me in my wheelchair and them a duck out of water 🙂

Since Growler started his full time job back in October I’m not getting out as much as I used to.  When he was self employed we could take an hour or two out of the day to go a wheelie walk and be flexible enough to do it at short notice when I had a day I felt well enough to try.

This morning I got my duck fix without having to leave my bedroom.  Because they came to me.  Growler handed me my camera and opened the bedroom curtains to reveal a family of 3 ducks splashing about in our garden pond.

20090313 garden pond ducks 001

20090313 garden pond ducks 006

They had a clean and a quack chat as they were led around the garden by Mrs Duck.  It looked very much like a house viewing as they explored the various corners of the garden and chatted in quiet quacks.

20090313 garden pond ducks 008

Eventually they got spooked, I expect by a cat, and they flew up towards the house and over the roof in formation quacking loudly as they went.

I hope they liked the place enough to come again.

20090313 garden pond ducks 009


1 Response to “The Ducks Came To Me”

  1. 1 ashysheela March 13, 2009 at 10:22 am

    Lucky you looked out of the window when you did! I often wonder what i might have missed at other times when i see great things like this out of the window!

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