Got My Blue Badge

Disabled Badge Holders Only - photograph by gregwake from Flickr

Photograph by gregwake from Flickr

Well I should have known I’d have to say “Yes Mum you were right”.  The local authority have granted my application for a Blue Badge and it arrived this morning in the post.  Yes, I should have applied for it before but “whoohoo” now I have one :o)

The Blue Badge scheme runs across Europe (and other affliate countries) and allows disabled drivers and passengers to use disabled parking and special parking concessions to give easier access to facilities and services, shopping and leisure, etc.

It means that when Growler or my dad take me out somewhere we can actually now park in the disabled bays nearer the entrances to places, with space to get the wheelchair out and (hopefully) not have to tackle anymore blumin gravel car park surfaces.  Gravel is not good for those with growling bowels!

Now I’m deciding whether to spend £25 on a Blue Badge protector, which is a plastic case for the badge that locks to the steering wheel, as theft of Blue Badges is apparently quite high.  I don’t want Growler’s car window smashed for the sake of nicking my blue badge.  But in the meantime – we get to park close to places! Yeah!  Oh and lots of time for free which is an added bonus (and why theft of badges is so high I suspect).

Once again I am sure I owe a debt to my Lovely GP who filled in my doctors supporting bit of the form.

In other news I am feeling distinctly wiped out this week.  Wondering if the extra bits and bobs of “home alone” is mounting up, or if it’s simply waking earlier than usual, or (improbable but solvable) because I ran out of B12 tablets last week and have had a gap in taking my high B12 dose every day.

But I have managed to paint a commissioned piece this week (my brother for his girlfriend’s Christmas pressie and subject matter is strictly secret) so it’s not all bad.

photograph by jamie hladky

photograph by jamie hladky

Growler has had a hectic week after our washing machine finally died and for the last week he’s been running down to my borther’s to use his machine inbetween making lunch for me and whizzing back and fro from the office.  New washing machine due to be delivered this Thursday and I have been in charge of sorting it all out.  Dipped into my savings to pay for it even. 

So even if I can’t actually help DO the washing at least I have made a small contribution to the daily doings of home by researching, purchasing and taking delivery of said appliance.  Although Growler has to disconnect the old one for them to take it away and re-arrange things in our back porch to let the men have access to install the new one.  And it’s very cobwebby in there so he will have to be extra brave!

I am also chomping crystallised ginger in an effort to combat dizziness and a hint of nausea.  One good thing is that because I’m not keen on ginger or on that hot burning sensation in my mouth it’s also making me drink lots of water – which is also supposed to good for dizziness.

I am itching to start my Christmas shopping (internet style) just to get it done but waiting for next months credit card statement to roll around.  I am equally dreading writing Christmas cards but think I should start soon because it took me absolutely ages over many sittings to do it last year.  Growler is standing firm about no decorations until at least December :o( but I guess that will be here soon enough!

And just over a year after I legally finished my contract with my old work place the Inland Revenue have finally been in touch to see what I’ve been up to for the last 12 months.  Big fat zero Mr Inland Revenue. Big fat zero income.  I had to tick “unemployed” which really annoys me even though it’s just a technicality.  i want a “I’m in limbo” box to tick please.


1 Response to “Got My Blue Badge”

  1. 1 Rachel M November 23, 2008 at 3:00 am

    It is nice when life is getting organised slowly. 😉

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