Doing Alright

I survived my first week of Growler being out at work full time and me being home alone in the day time.  It was definately more tiring (although I am on my period which always leaves me with less energy anyway).  But G came home to fix my lunch Wednesday and Thursday.  That meant Thursday I could stay in bed until I felt I needed to and not have to force myself to get moving in the morning and sort out my own lunch.  Friday he left me things to eat for lunch upstairs so I had another slow day in bed until mid afternoon. It helped both physically and also mentally to know that the challenges do have some solutions to make life easier.

My productivity in terms of art and so forth has been quite good despite the extra things I’ve had for essentials (like making cups of tea and silly little things that mount up).  But some things have slipped and gotten lost this week – like replying to emails and keeping up to date on blogs I read.  I’ve found myself getting distracted by things and then doing short easy stuff like using Twitter to chat but neglecting some of my emails from friends and blogging and stuff.

But all of which is part of adjusting and part of seeing a slightly larger picture than a week at a time maybe.

Good news is that through G making up my afternoon D-Ribose in juice ready for me and an alarm set on my mobile I’ve remembered to take it every day.  I’ve even remembered to take my multi vitamin at lunch time unprompted.

I’m weary this weekend and a bit fuzzy pre-migrainey headed so taking it careful.  And my brain seems a bit jammed up with STUFF despite going back to making lists of things to do.  It’s usually a sign that I’m trying to do too much (ha! you think?!) so some things are going to have to get loosened with my new home alone changes.  I expect a lot of blog reading will need to go but we’ll see.

All in all not a bad week and I’m fairly optimistic (but still kind of expecting to get myself into trouble at some point and maybe get bitten by some payback for trying to juggle too much).  We’ll see.


5 Responses to “Doing Alright”

  1. 1 ashysheela November 15, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    Well i am glad it has been largely a success! remembering tablets/d-ribose is a challenge – i find it hard as well. I remember that i remembered earlier then can’t remember if i actually took it 😉

    Glad G could come home for lunch a bit – hope his week was good too.

    Hope the migraine holds off… my head is threatening in the background also, considering taking tablet, it was bad last night and i went for TENS, massage, 4head, heat etc and it did improve but obviously it has not really gone for good! I feel like a night off – my saturday night treat – pain meds!!

  2. 2 Growler November 16, 2008 at 7:38 am

    Pleased to report that I too had a good week – apart from the washing machine proving to be a temperamental brat…oh, and I never want to go to the supermarket at 5.30pm on a Friday ever again.

    We’re both on a learning curve, but it is safe to say there are probably a lot more positives from week 1. That is a good way to start.

  3. 3 ashysheela November 16, 2008 at 3:01 pm

    we have been experimenting and J found that friday at 7.30 – 8pm was nice and quiet… supermarkets are hell at peak times! Glad your first week was good too 🙂

  4. 4 cusp November 17, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    We like going at about 3.15 on a Sunday when all the bargains are about — all the stuff the want to sell before early closing and the new week begins. It’s alucky dip but you do get some goodies and, agreed, Friday tea time is hell

  5. 5 Elizabeth McClung November 20, 2008 at 9:32 am

    I am glad you had a good week, and that things seemed to work out. I don’t understand why the days seem shorter every single day, and I end up with lists at the end of every day.

    I have a phone which is programed with things to say to me, like “Hi, this is your partner, take your morning pills” and I look in the cup to see if I took them. It is a bit primitive but it works, and yours works too – whatever works!

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