Get A Lovely Postcard

I’d like to let everyone know about The Postcard Project

My friend would like to send YOU a postcard to brighten your day if only for a moment.

Elizabeth is a keen blogger, academic and writer with a chronic terminal condition.

Her job, the job she has given herself, to bring purpose to her life, is to send postcards out to people around the world.

Just send her your name and an address as the absolute minimum and you will recieve a postcard. Often they will be art, anime, limited edition or other types so if you write a bit about yourself she can tailor the card to you better.

She will also send postcards out to your children, grandchildren and so on – just tell her it’s for a child and she will select an appropriate card.

I’ve been lucky enough to receive a few postcards from Elizabeth and each has been very special and made me smile.  It’s so lovely to have some REAL mail from someone who has put a lot of effort in just for me.

It can take her many hours and tremendous effort to write and decorate these postcards but it’s something that is very important to her.  Now more than ever as her condition worsens and specialists have little to offer.  She suffers many seizures, memory loss and is in tremendous pain (amongst other things!) but this is something that she wants to do.  She just needs people to send cards to.

She would especially like to send cards to people who are chronically ill, disabled, depressed or lonely. But mainly to anyone who would appreciate knowing that someone somewhere had time for them, to make them feel cared for and special.

So if you’d like a postcard to brighten your day you’d also make a dying woman happy.  Go to the site she’s set up for the project for more details.

Thanks for letting me tell you about this.


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