Beautiful sunny autumnal morning.

I’m in bed. Sleep deprived. Naseaous. Headachey (fending off a migraine possibly). Period pain. Dodgey tummy and bowels.

Terrible gastric cramps and horrendous trapped wind pain last night. Growling and moaning and pacing in the night.  Was uncomfortable lying, sitting, standing, stretched out, scrunched up, massaging tummy, leaving tummy alone, applying heat, applying cold, applying nothing.  Ugh.  It was horrible.

Gastric pain has eased this morning (thank god than god thank god).  Last night’s interesting ME ride has left me amitriptyline free today (not good) and I defaulted on the lovely evening meal Growler cooked us.  I’m boycotting breakfast and probably lunch.  I’ve sticking with water and slowly sipping a peppermint tea.  Why must Waitrose have no Dr Stuart’s Fennel Tea in stock when the need is great.

So yes.  Yuck.  Yucky icky blurgh.


In other news I did manage to visit my mom on Thursday (I was allowed).  She’s much better but in normal tonsillitis terms still rotten ill.  But looks like the second course of double strength penicillin is finally working – she had (has?) some bad bad germs.  I kept my distance.  And had extra zinc.  Fingers crossed.

I’m also just about ready to list two of my paintings for sale if my body will cut me some slack.  I’ve managed to do some painting this week and finished another new one of a bunny with big feet.  Also some other arty bits and bobs, as well as lots of researching and thinking in preparation for selling work and trying to make life easier.

I had to cancel plans to visit a friend for tea today who has just moved away from the local area and has a new house about an hour away.  As she and her fella lead an exciting life they are now not around until mid November.  That’s post wisdom teeth extraction.  So we’ll have to see.

I am supposed to be going to a concert tomorrow evening.  I’m thinking positive that I’ll be ok to do that.  It’s local so no huge upheaval.  Never sure with new venues, especially local ones with no allocated seating and possibly no seating at all, what access with a wheelchair will be like.  But as it’s necessary for me to attend such things you just have to relax and smile and go with the flow.  Then make a fuss if necessary ;o)


So pretty blurgh right now and for the last 24 hours. Taking it slow today.  But not all in my world is bad.  And did I mention the sun is out?


1 Response to “Blurgh”

  1. 1 Barbara K. October 19, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    I find that one of the hard things about a chronic condition with an unpredictable course is that it becomes so hard to make plans that don’t come with an escape clause.

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