Blue Badge Support from my GP

I saw my lovely GP this morning for a routine sort of check up (check in?) and whilst there asked if she would be willing to support an application for a blue badge.  This is a scheme in Britain and Europe that allows those with eligible blue badges to park in designated areas (disabled bays) usually closest to facilities and attractions.

She was enthusiastically happy to support an application and apologised for not suggesting it herself earlier. So yes, my mother was right every time she nagged me about this over the last year.

Now all I have to do is download the forms from my local authority and (shudder) get some passport photos.  I’m tempted to take my own photos and have them processed through an online company who do passport sized prints for these kind of things.  At least then I can have photos done on the day I look the best even if I don’t feel the best – rather than trying to organise a trip to a photo booth in a train station or similar place and hope (optimistically) I don’t look like I’ve just climbed out of bed (which I probably would have done).

This means I can also have the passport photos I need to get the UK cinema pass/card that proves I am eligible for a “carer goes free” seat without having to produce my DLA documents or enter a discussion about what’s wrong with me.

Oh and also at the doctors this morning I finally managed to tell her about some (embarrassing) women’s problems.  Firstly, having cramps around a week to 10 days before my period is almost certainly to do with ovulation and nothing to really worry about.  It does happen at different times in life apparently and has a sweet German name mittelschmerz (meaning “middle pain”) for midcycle pain.

The second women’s thing is as yet unexplained and I’m booked next week with the nurse for tests.  But the doc had a couple of ideas and wasn’t overly worried.  So I am less anxious – these things having been worrying me on and off for ages.  I’m so glad to have a GP who listens and actually talks to me like I’m a human person.

Finally we’re both happy with the medications so no changes there. She did offer again (“just to remind you of your options”) referrals to a CFS Specialist Clinic or alterntaively referrals to the Psychiatric Nursing Team for CBT and Physiotherapists for GET.  No thanks!

She did say “Just reminding you amd myself what the options are when you are ready for it” which is slight change in usual language. She usually says ‘it’s up to you’, ‘no pressure’, ‘IF you wanted to’.  But there was a mild ringing of alarm bells with the “when” rather than “if”.  But she didn’t press me on it and didn’t say she thought I should or anything like that – so far so good then.

I wonder what GP’s say once you have done CBT and GET and it doesn’t make your illness better?  Do they suggest you did it wrong, do they suggest there’s no more options or do they look for different/new treatments (ha ha).  I can’t see I’m going to find that out for myself.

Anyway – overall a good docs visit with the lovely GP.


3 Responses to “Blue Badge Support from my GP”

  1. 1 Nina September 26, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    I finally got one of those, too and it’s really wonderful when you need it. CBT indeed!! That makes me want to puke in her face, but I won’t since you like her so much:-) (Been puking a lot lately, so been thinking of all the places I’d rather have it go than down the toilet! LOL!! Just a bit o’ anger coming to the fore…..)

  2. 2 Rachel M September 28, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    Blue Budge is little different from what we have in Australia. We apply for Disabled Parking Permit and we don’t need to produce a photo. As for some of discount, Disabled Support Pension card have the similar function, but again we don’t need to produce a photo.

    I love to hear about nice doctors. 🙂 I wish there are more around for all people needing care and attention.

  3. 3 rachelcreative September 29, 2008 at 10:33 am

    Nina – It’s what the NHS says should be the treatment so she it’s her job to offer it. Unfortunately. But let’s not get riled about that today.

    Rachel – The photo on the badges is farily new to help cut down on people abusing the system. Some people would lend their blue badge to others so they could get free or discounted parking or better access even though they were not entitled. So now your badge has to display your photo so all the world can see who is the disabled one. Sounds kind of horrible now I’ve said it like that!

    We have had a few places let us park in blue badge areas when they see the wheelchair in the back of the car but others are strict and we don’t like to park where we’re not supposed to. But to have one that we can use when we need to would be great. I don’t know that we’d use it all the time but it would help a great deal.

    We went to Birmingham last weekend and drove around a long time to find a space close enough to the venue for Paul to be able to push my wheechair – but of course we passed lots of empty blue badge spaces that would have been ideal :o) I just hope the council will agree to give me one.

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