This Week’s Stuff

My thoughts are a bit jumbled but this is what’s happened in the last week.

Stopped taking Mebeverine for IBS – I read conflicting reports that Mebeverine could be taken for IBS-C and that it could in fact cause constipation.  As I have been having many problems with constipation and bowel spasms I decided to try meals without Mebeverine. I’ve been taking it at least twice a day (with lunch and evening meal) for well over a year.  Now I’ve been 4 days without it and my constipation is better and my spasms much less. Looks like a success bu will continue to monitor the situation before committing to not taking it, or at least only taking it if IBS-D makes a re-appearance.

Had my 2nd wedding anniversary – That was yesterday and we managed to go out for lunch and a wheelie walk and had a very lovely day. I blogged some photos on my art blog from the day. We’re not limited to spending quality time together and being loved up on anniversaries and valentines – but it’s still good to celebrate and remember our commitment to each other. We’ve faced a lot of challenges just in this 2 years of marriage as my incapactity with ME/CFS began shortly before we were married.  But we’re a strong team and our love is thriving.

Spent time with my Dad – Spent a couple of hours with my dad and his partner on a gorgeously sunny Sunday afternoon.  We don’t get to visit as often as I’d like even though they are only 10 miles from us.  Then this afternoon I went out with my dad (just the 2 of us) for a cup of tea and another sit in the sunshine. We’ve decided we need to do more of seeing each other one on one.  My dad loves Growler but he also wants to have a relationship with me where Growler isn’t always there doing the ‘carer’ role.  We all think this is a great idea – I get to have different experiences, Growler gets some time off and time alone/to do his own thing, plus me and my dad get to renew our own relationship.

Sorted a holiday – Well Growler did all the sorting last week but I sent for a few tourism leaflets for ideas f things to do while we’re there. We go next week for 10 days up to Yorkshire, then County Durham and to explore the North East. Never been in that part of the country before and am really excited about all the things to see.  Even if I am not up to doing a lot both Growler and me are looking forward to a change of scene and change of routine.  Hurrah!

Ran out of Q10 – Forgot to order more Q10 capsules when Growler told me my stocks were running low and so ran out totally this week.  Then couldn’t order more from the super speedy and competively priced quickvit because I can’t get Verified By Visa security system to work and let me pay!  Sourced some from an alternative supplier with PayPal but it does mean I’ve had (am having) a few days without my 200mg of Q10.  Oh well.

Drawing, Sculpting and Photographing – It’s been a lovely creative patch kickstarted by my plan to try and draw every day for 2 and a half weeks.  So as well as my usual photographing loads of things I’ve also done a bit of drawing and even did a spontaneous bit of sculpture having recycled some wire from some spiral notebooks which about from …

Did a load of shredding – Including going through a bag of stuff from my old work place which I officially left last October. I shredded all those receipts and invoices from deliveries I’ve been piling up for the last 6 months and recycled and/or shredded a load of stuff from work including my precious work notebooks.  It was good looking at those pages of essential important information and them now being totally pointless and irrelevant! I may be doing it a little at a time over a loooong period of time but maybe I will get stuff sorted and cleared eventually.


2 Responses to “This Week’s Stuff”

  1. 1 Alicia August 2, 2008 at 2:26 am

    Congratulations on your anniversary! It is really nice to know you’ve been feeling creative again, too.

  2. 2 Connie August 5, 2008 at 3:02 am

    A belated Happy Anniversary! Glad you were able to go out for a bit and enjoy it together 🙂

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