Body Jangles

Yesterday Growler took me to the cinema. It’s the first time since 2006 when we went to see Casino Royale. Back then I was a lot better. Or rather I didn’t know quite what I was dealing with and to was prior to the big “you can do it” push of 2006 that resulted in me becoming much much worse.

Anyway we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I think I see a pattern developing!  There was quite the same high and lows of the Bond film but it was still a massive sensory experience.  I expected to feel quite drained afterwards but was ok.

In fact on the way home we stopped at Fradley Junction and went for a short wheelie walk along the canal in the glorious sunshine. It was pretty busy with suprisingly loud folks considering most had opted to go on a canal holiday – usually associated with it’s leisurely pace and peace.

When we got back to the car I felt pretty tired so we headed home rather than having a meal out as we’d hoped we might.

Last night at bed time although I was actually sleepy my body felt wired. I describe it as jangle-y – like I have vibrations in my muscles that kind of set your teeth on edge.  Earlier that day I’d had painful aching joints which is unusual for me. Anyway I managed to get to sleep, although it felt quite fitful and today where I had jangles last night there is a weariness instead.

The wired feeling may be con-incidence especially with those unusual aching joints.  Or maybe the excitement (and the sound and the visual stimulation) set me off.

So today I am feeling wiped and weary and like my limbs are a bit useless. But I’m still glad we went.  I really enjoyed it.  It felt good to do something normal too.  And it felt good to be on a date with my husband on a Monday afternoon when once we would both have been in offices waiting for the working day to end.

In other news Growler has organised a holiday for us and we go in just a couple of weeks.  Short notice will work in our favour this time I think as although in the post I am talking about struggling I am relatively ok compared to how I can be.  We’re stopping in Britain for our 10 day break – heading up to near Durham to explore some of the North East for the first time.  We’ll go via a short stop near the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which I’ve wanted to visit for some time.  Depending on how I feel this break may offer a chance to do lots of sight seeing (and photo taking!) or lots of peace and quiet – but definately a change of scene and routine for both of us.

So now I just need to pace as best I can for the next couple of weeks.  Not that there’s any guarantees of good health for the trip but I can hope!  I have to stop thinking about it as the excitement will wear me out!


1 Response to “Body Jangles”

  1. 1 Rachel M July 22, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    IMHO, Sensory Information Overload can only be treated by rest…, and resting your nerves. Rest away from noise, sound, vision, lights, fast moving objects aroun you, thinking and etc… (I guess you already know this anyway…)

    I’m glad that you get to enjoy little normalish things and date with your husband. These little joy are worth for payback, I think. 🙂

    I hope you will be feeling better by the holiday time. I look forward to seeing your photos from different sceneries, even it is just different ceilings and same good blue sky. 😉

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