Dentist, Extraction and Sunshine

The dentist visit went well.  So far (4 hours later) no triggering or flaring of symptoms except a slightly woolly head.  I need a  filling :o(  so will be literally saving (cash) for the dentist this month.  It also means planning for another visit in 2 weeks time.  Ah well.

We discussed my remaining wisdon teeth again.  About how they need, at some point, sooner rather than later, to come out.  I’ve known that it’s on the cards for over year but we’ve avoided it for as long as possible.  Me thinking – “I’ll do that next year when I feel a bit better” but never actually getting to the point where I do feel a bit better.

When I had my two bottom wisdom teeth out I was sort of ill, but not with full blown ME crappiness.  I was still working, still active – just inexplicably under the weather a lot of the time.  Not long after the extraction I got a bad bad viral infection, like I had never had before, and my health never picked up after that.

I’m not saying the extraction propelled my ME but that episode is intertwined with a period where my health was detoriating and no-one had any answers for me.

So – there’s an obvious cautiousness with this next (final!?) extraction of my top two wisdom teeth. 

The short version of this story is that I am a very anxious dental patient and thus require sedation for such an extraction.  Mine and Growler’s quick calculation based on the last extraction and on my current ME status is we need to allow for a long recovery (most of that recovery being ME rather than toothy based).  And that with everything that’s in the pipe line and with needing (so much) to have some relief from the sicky routine – we should delay until later this year.

So some more discussion and decisions and planning required on that front.  The good part is it’s not urgent urgent to have them removed but I’ll be really glad to be free of them!

And finally – I got to sit in the sun with my beloved.  To talk and to feel his warm skin on my warm skin.  To see beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds and be somewhere quiet away from my usual domain.   My head started to hurt squinting with the bright sun but it was good for the soul all the same.  I was also just about the youngest person in the place so despite the wheelchair felt quite youthful.

Oh if anyone has any advice about what kinds of sedation are good (or bad) with ME please do share!  Last thing I need (when the time comes) is to flare up symptoms from the sedation when I don’t need to.


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