D-Ribose – Week Two

Following on from my week one report my second week of D-Ribose continued in the same fashion.  Notably a gastric/IBS flare up with undecided cause.  Being restrictive in my diet seems to have paid off and the flare eased in the latter part of the week two.  I’m still walking a knife edge with the gastric stuff though.

I was really uncertain whether D-Ribose was having any benefit at all.  After my initial rush/high in the first two days it was hard to assess it’s benefits if any.

Then on Saturday (2 weeks from my start point) I had a busy day … meeting friends for lunch (which was so much fun we talked for 3 hours), then on to my dad’s to deliver some things and have a chat over a cup of tea (for an hour), then to my mum’s to unistall her anti-virus and re-install new anti-virus (her PC is so slow this took nearly 4 hours!) plus chatting and cups of tea.  So, after setting off just before 12.30 for lunch we got home around 8pm.

By 4pm I was asking for my next D-Ribose a bit early as I was feeling that exhaustion edge slipping in.  The D-Ribose didn’t magically make me ‘normal’ but it definately gave my body a boost.  We’re talking a kind of high like a sugar rush – it feels much more measured than that.

The same again on Sunday as I felt totally smashed by the previous day’s activities and utterly wiped out.  The D-Ribose definately helped boost my body and my energy levels.  I awoke with that limp arm feeling – one of those times where my arm droop after a few seconds of holding anything.  Where weakness ceases the muscles within seconds.  Not long after my first D-Ribose dose was taken that weakness was significantly better. 

This was the kind of day where I may have ended up staying in bed all day (which is rare but sometimes neccessary).  But by mid afternoon (two D-Ribose doses down) I made the move downstairs and absent mindedly found myself stopping off on the way to gather a couple of sketchbooks.  I was tired by the move but the point is I know it was a lot easier than it would be without the D-Ribose.

So I am now conviced that D-Ribose is having a positive and noticeable effect on me and my CFS/ME.

The only issue I haven’t resolved is the trouble I am having sleeping.  I do have problems from time to time but the last 2 weeks I have consistently struggled to get off to sleep.  I tried taking my doses a little earlier as I wondered if it is the D-Ribose.  I may have to try taking the doses even earlier in the day and closer together. 

Typically after 4-5 hours I have felt more fatigued and ready for my next dose.  I have been taking it at 10am, 1pm and 5pm leaving 5 or more hours until bed.  And I do struggle more with the exertion of moving to bed than I have during the day.  But then I lie awake for an hour or more.  So a tweak is needed perhaps.

I am meant to take 3 doses for the first 2-3 weeks.  I am taking it for 3 weeks but I may extend that to 4 weeks as I will not begin taking my 200mg of Q10 until today. 

All in all it’s a positive report.


2 Responses to “D-Ribose – Week Two”

  1. 1 Matthew May 7, 2008 at 10:41 am

    Hi Rachel. I hadn’t heard about D-Ribose before (or hadn’t paid any attention)
    but the research looks interesting. Can I ask where you bought it from. Thanks. Matthew

  1. 1 Can D-Ribose Make You Sick? « ChronicallyMe Trackback on April 3, 2009 at 2:46 pm

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