Your Blog for ME/CFS Awareness on 12 May 2008

ME/CFS AwarenessOn 12 May 2008 it will be International ME/CFS Awareness Day.

Before I had this blog, back when I used to talk about ME/CFS on my dizzysky blog I came up with some ideas of how you (and I) could do our bit.

This year I’ve tried to simplify things to one idea for my blogging friends. 

We will blog on (or around) 12 May 2008 about ME/CFS to raise awareness and join hands across the blogosphere (umm compile a list and pingback) whilst we do it.

So I’m enlisting your support to blog along with me from my art blog (it has more passing traffic than this one) and you can read the details of how to join in here:

I have badges you can use if you want to on your blog.



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