The Lurgy is Back (Did It Ever Go Away?)

My weekend with my dad acting as respite gofer went really well.  I was relaxed and asking for help was a lot easier than I thought.  I did limit help to fetching and carrying though.  But yes, it was a positive experience.

Their house is in a beautiful spot surround by woodland and bracken – with deer and foxes regular visitors.  The sun shone for my weekend away, which combined with their house being all on one level (so not dragging myself up and down stairs) I was able to potter around outside on the second day for a short while.  I took a few photographs in the sunshine and shuffled a short distance with my dad by my side.  very pleasant – even if I did overdo it a little.

Once Growler picked me up and got me home I felt so good I had a little potter at home too – around the garden once and a little tidying in the house.  Now that was overdoing it.  That evening I had a bad migraine which the drugs didn’t banish so I was sleeping fitfully by 9.30pm.  Thankfully no migraine vomiting – always a worry with my regular pain meds and potentially missing a dose through such things.

Next day I had a sore throat which escalated to a raw throat which felt like it as splitting open if I talked too much.  Very like past bouts of tonsillitis.  It didn’t improve much and my tonsils were starting to look inflammed.  Then my sinuses started off again.  Today I am right back to that face aching misery of January – having no choice but to breath through my mouth and crackle through the sore throat 😦

I went to my doctors yesterday (a very romantic valentines treat!) and saw the Nurse Prescriber.  She’s always lovely, has a great manner and a good attitude.  Although not an out and out bacterial infection she said that she would give me anti-biotics as I have had persistent problems, my throat is inflammed and I am at risk of a secondary infection.  So I have a week of penicillin to take with VERY strict instructions about when to take them to avoid stomach problems.  Or should I say MORE stomach problems.

I’ve bought some probiotic and prebiotic drinks to help ease the process.  But I can’t quite decide the optimum time of day to take it.  As it is I’ve had to write a drugs schedule.

I’m also back on the steam inhalation and (yes Nina) I now have a netti pot which is giving some temporary relief and hopefully helping with the infection too.  I just wish I had the energy to keep on top of everything! 

Wake Up -> Antibiotic -> Paracetomal, Decongestant -> Mebeverine -> Breakfast -> Netti Nasal Cleanse -> Steam ->  Aspirin Gargle -> Antibiotic -> Paracetomal, Decongestant -> Mebeverine -> Lunch -> Probiotic -> Netti Nasal Cleanse ->  Get Up -> Steam -> Aspirin Gargle ->  Antibiotic -> Paracetomal, Decongestant -> Mebeverine -> Evening Meal -> Aspirin Gargle -> Steam -> Paracetomal, Decongestant -> Bed -> Antibiotic ->  Netti Nasal Cleanse ->  Amitriptyline -> Sleep (sort of sleep)

… I think.  Possibly with some Ibuprofen thrown in.  Definately a couple of litres of water, hot lemon with honey and peppermint tea.  And lots of tissues. 

Or maybe not quite in that order. Sigh.

It’s no wonder I am feeling a tiny bit sorry for myself (having had around 6 days of feeling without a cold in the last 2 months) and am confused about simple decisions … like “is there anything you want?” and “do you want your steam now?”. Although I know I am damn lucky to have someone to offer

So that’s me.  Back to the lurgy, with antibiotics that may or may not help and may or may not make my ME/CFS worse anyway, with a lack of good breathing and a lot of aches.


2 Responses to “The Lurgy is Back (Did It Ever Go Away?)”

  1. 1 fogggygyrl February 15, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so ill. These flus are the worst this time of year. I just bought a new humidifier recently and it’s really keeping the sore throats down. It does have to be filled with water every day at least where i live.

    Hope you feel better.


  2. 2 Nina February 15, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    Oh, doesn’t it suck being sick on top of being sick!!! Sending you a huge hug and will keep you in my heart.

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