Everyone Gets Colds – So Why Am I Whining?

There is a reason I am whining sharing with you about having another (or a flare up of the same) cold / sinus infection / throat infection.

When you have ME/CFS your immune system seems to get mightily messed up.  In fact your body generally gets messed up.  You have abnormal reactions to lots of things including common infections, some medication, certain foods, stress and anxiety, exercise and exertion, mental stimulation, sound, light …

ME/CFS isn’t just a condition where people feel tired all the time – it’s much more complex than that. 

Whether these disfunctions are caused by faulty brain chemistry, bad signals between the brain and body functions, gene abormalities, compromising of blood cells, chronic (possibly hidden) infection, or other disfunctions of the neurlogical, immune, endocrine or autonomic systems … well no-one can say with absolute certainity. There’s even a chance that ME/CFS sufferers have sub groupings of the kind of disfunctions experienced which has yet to be properly identified and given diagnostics.

But I do know that my body doesn’t react in expected ways to things – things which previously it didn’t have problems with. 

So yes, everyone gets colds.  The difference for me as a ME/CFS sufferer is that when I catch a cold which might take a “healthy” person a few days or a week to get over – it takes me a month, maybe even two or three months.  And because my body is already debilitated – a cold sets me back much further than it would a healthy person.

It’s not like I have ME/CFS and a virus is just a snuffle on top. 

Lets say my body runs on a tiny battery which is rubbish at holding a charge – The energy runs out very quickly.  That energy is for everything – not just walking but talking, thinking, digesting food, absorbing medication, breathing – everything.

Having a snuffle limits how much charge I can even get into that tiny battery, as well as draining much of the energy away in order to fight a virus or infection.  Just like a three day cold took me three months to beat – that run down feeling is skewed just as badly for me.

Some ME/CFS sufferers have an immune system which disfunctions in different ways – they never catch colds or viruses which are doing the rounds.  That’s the thing about a ME/CFS disfunctioning body – you never know what you’re going to get (or not get).


2 Responses to “Everyone Gets Colds – So Why Am I Whining?”

  1. 1 tammyrenee February 17, 2008 at 5:23 am

    MAN… nearly everyone I know got sick near Christmas. HEre in the states, it has been a nasty respiratory bug that’s been causing problems. I’ve STILL got a bad cough and nasal congestion and I was sick a week before Christmas, I think.

    Anyway, hope you get through this quickly. All you needed was “one more thing,” right?

  2. 2 Connie February 17, 2008 at 6:33 am

    Take care of yourself. You have a lot to do to get well (I read your other post about how many meds you’re taking & the schedule for them.)

    It’s so true what you say about colds lingering. That’s a difficult thing for people who are healthy to understand.

    I’m glad you had a pleasant time with your father. Seems like it’s getting easier for you to ask for help?

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