Christmas Cold

Well I am feeling mighty sorry for myself.  On top of recovery from (very enjoyable) post Christmas socialising and visiting, on top of usual ME/CFS exhaustion, on top of menstrual cramps and back ache, on top of sciatic pain from too many soft sofas and bed … I have a cold.  A snotty, chesty, sore, aching, blocked, runny, thumping, feverish, voice losing cold.

With it comes many disappoinments.  Not being able to draw the pictures I whipped up in my mind and then losing inspiration. Not being able to cuddle with my lovely and have a hopeful, loving, fun new years eve. Not being able to relax after the bustle of xmas (planned so well).  Not being able to play with my gifts.

An even bigger disappointment … realising my wonder suppliment is so wonderful after all.  Not only have I not made the kind of (slight) physical improvement I had hoped for following the increased dosage of Allimax – but it also seems that taking 6 capsules a day has done nothing to fend of the virus that has caused this stinking horrible cold.  My faith in it is undermined.

I’m not sure if you’ve followed this suppliment use before but I find myself asking – how is going to fight a “stealth virus” in my body when it can’t even fight this cold?  I can compare my colds progression with my husbands and whilst I may have an edge over my usual CFS/ME handling of a cold it’s not giving me that much of a boost.

Maybe it can be effective in long term use.  But having taken it for over 4 months, having increased dosage to 6 capsules a day and having spent a lot of money to do that I’m not convinced I can justify the cost to increase to dose further or to continue.  The manufacturers say 10 capsules a day for a week (I think) can cure MRSA.  Surely 6 should be combatting a cold?  Just 1 capsule is supposed to help me not contract it in the first place.  Surely 6 times that is not an unrealistic expectation even if my immune system is comprimised. 

So until someone can show some extensive effect trials, and offer me a NHS paid version I think this is one guinea pig who is off the experiment.

I’ll go back to my tissues and drink some honey and lemon and wait for my body to do it’s best. Please don’t cough in my direction – I’m full to capacity with ickiness right now.


10 Responses to “Christmas Cold”

  1. 1 ama December 31, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    so sorry rachel you are feeling so crummy! and that your plans and desires are being dashed so cruelly!

    listen, i don’t know anything about the immune system (and i mean, anything, nothing at all), but are you sure that the fact you have a cold means that the supplement is not working as an antiviral? there’s plenty healthy people with a naturally healthy immune system and nice in-built antivirals who manage to get colds nonetheless! colds are one of those things you know — people get them. i’m just sayin’.

    not coughing in your direction. promise.

    get better!

  2. 2 homeopathy4health December 31, 2007 at 2:40 pm

    Try homeopathy. There is a really bad bug going round at the moment. Google ‘Homeopathic helpline’ where you can get a telephone consultation.
    Hope you get better soon.

  3. 3 rachelcreative December 31, 2007 at 3:14 pm

    Hi Ama. Well, that’s stopped me in my tracks. I don’t know! Ha ha.

    I suppose as this suppliment is supposed to fight viral and bacterial infections, I take catching and then developing full on icky cold as proof it doesn’t work. But maybe it isn’t that simple.

    Maybe I should wait to have less snotty pressure on my brain before making a decision eh?

  4. 4 Nina December 31, 2007 at 4:13 pm

    Here’s an alternative explanation that I heard yesterday from someone who’s very knowledgeable abt Chinese medicine. According to that theory, we are SUPPOSED to get colds when the weather changes…… gives our immune systems a chance to “tune up”. There actually is a point in CFS/ME where it’s so bad that you cannot catch a cold………..I’ve been there and it sux.

    So, even if you don’t care for this explanation, use a neti pot. It REALLY, REALLY helps clear your sinuses and congestion.

    Aren’t I a PITA? Too bad:-)

  5. 5 Rachel M January 1, 2008 at 6:56 am

    I hope you will get better soon. As I have no idea what is going on in your system, I cannot offer any suggestions. But ((((hugs)))) and more (((hugs))) to you.
    I don’t get “A snotty, chesty, sore, aching, blocked, runny, thumping, feverish, voice losing cold”. *touch wood* I don’t know why, but Americal ME clinician, Dr Bell mentioned somewhere that our system is invated by viruses continuously, getting cold doesn’t add any extra symptoms. On the other hand, there are MEites like you who get full blown cold if someone sneezes in front of you.
    As for supplments, I just keep them minimum. I even skip them on purpose every now and then coz they make me tired. But it’s just me. I guess everybody needs to find own conbination and amount regardless of what they claim to be effective.

    I wish you and Paul that 2008 will be a good year. (even it started badly.)

  6. 6 bbabe January 3, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    Hey, sorry to hear about that. I haven’t had much luck with herbal supplements either.

  7. 7 Connie January 4, 2008 at 4:07 am

    Feel better soon. Here’s some healthy (((Hugs))) and some hot tea for you.

    I’m not sure about the supplements, the cold, virus issue either, but I’m on immunosuppressant drugs as my immune system overworks so when I get sick, I get sick. I’m still battling that cold I got a week before Christmas. I wish I could help you but my brain’s not working too well right now either.

  8. 8 rachelcreative January 4, 2008 at 8:10 am

    Thanks for all your comments. It helps!

    The cold got a tiny bit better before getting really bad again and I’m back to having horrible sinus problems and squidge for brains. Sigh.

    Taking huge doses of Vitamin C – along with my usual suppliments. Using pain killers and decongestants.
    Using steam with tea tree (for infection apparently) 3-4 times a day.
    Drinking lots of water and hot honey and lemon.
    Resting on top of usual resting.
    Massaging accupressure points for sinus relief (above middle of eyebrow and between eyebrows – it really works but only for very short while).

    Haven’t had a sinus infection like this since I was a teenager. Ergh.

  9. 9 Barbara K. January 7, 2008 at 2:43 am

    Have you tried Sambucol? I could swear it has stopped many of my tickly throats and drippy noses from degenerating any further.

  10. 10 rachelcreative January 7, 2008 at 11:05 am

    I’ve not heard of it before. But they do sell it at my usual online vitamin store. Hmmm. Thanks for the tip Barbara 🙂

    I also realise I haven’t been taking my N-Acetyl Cysteine anti-oxidant since Christmas Eve and that is supposedd to help with mucus and preventing congestion in the lungs. Might be a good idea to start taking it again!

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