Update on Things

I forgot to tell you that after my exertions attending my friend funeral last week I started to pick up a little on Sunday afternoon (3 days later).  It had been a gradual slide into worse exhaustion and fogginess, with spaced out episodes, loss of speech, weakness – but gladly none of that pain/migraine/IBS flare stuff (so far so good).

So I am actually really pleased that my recovery from what was a big exertion for me seems to have been much better than expected and much better than say 3 months ago.  Hurrah for that!

I’m still a bit wiped and tiring easily but it’s at least manageable to a degree.

In other news my DLA claim form has made it to the hands of some bod in Department of Work and Pensions.  I know this because he phoned Growlers mobile (a neat trick to give his number and not mine to avoid slurry confused conversations with officials) and asked for my previous address.  Turns out they needed tha last address I was at when I last made a claim for something.  Which was over 8 years ago and I have in fact moved 4 times since then.  The guy kept saying “we haven’t been informed of that” but why would you update your contact details with someone you have no dealings with?

Anyway – it means it’s in the system and … well, who knows what is next with that.

Plus I have received my final payment from work, or should I say my ex-employer (!).  Just to ensure I am in no doubt my email and network account have also been deleted off the system.  Let me be clear – I have only been checking my work email because my ex-boss assured me he was going to try and get the senior managers to let me have my special chair from work for my back problem.  Looks like that isn’t going to happen now.

But the work/Rachel ties are finally cut.  Just a few files and links to recklessly delete and it’s all chalked up to a few lines on my CV.


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