After the Holiday

The week on the coast was a welcome change but it wasn’t quite long enough for me. Mainly because I only seemed “ok” enough to go out or do anything very much every other day – and even then it was pretty limited.

It’s frustrating when even after all that planning and preparation – my body lets us down.

But I DID get to go for a long wheelie walk with Growler pushing, listening to the seagulls gossip and got to take lots of pictures.  It was quiet with just a handful of other people walking by the sand flats on the way to the harbour and around three quarters of them said hello or smiled.

I also got to have another mini wheelie walk to a rather lovely disabled viewing platform overlooking the spectacular Holkham Bay (and more photos snapped).  We decided to walk round to the second viewing point but the path (with bobbly stones) got to be a bit of an ordeal in the wheelchair when I was already nursing recurrent nausea and sudden urges to pee.  Being in a wobbly wheelchair is not the best under those circumstances.  But more views and more pictures and lots of bracing fresh air!

Plus we managed a couple of lunches out and our self catering accommodation was cosy, compact and all on one level.  A wonderful luxury to be a dozen footsteps to the bathroom and the same again to the sofa.  Pyjama bliss.

The absolute best thing about the trip for me was that Growler switched off from work and home (all save the background worrying about sickly wifey). 

The overwhelming feeling for me is of a very nauseous week with lots of abdominal cramping and a disappointment that I, no that WE couldn’t do more.  I wasn’t even capable of conversation for most of my “off” days.  Not much of a romantic getaway!  Although I’m sure Growler enjoyed the peace 😉 

I know I must be grateful for the small things and count my blessings.

You can see some digital pics here


1 Response to “After the Holiday”

  1. 1 tammyrenee November 22, 2007 at 4:42 am

    It sure is good to here that you were able to enjoy your get-away and made it back in one piece. Even with the limitations, it sounds like a lovely time that you both deserve so much. Awesome pics, too!

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