Wheelie Walk: Beacon Park

Went for another wheelie walk on Friday.  That’s fresh air two weeks in a row!  Me in the wheelchair and Growler pushing.

20071012_beaconpark bark

We went to Beacon Park in Lichfield.  The paths are quite good for wheelchairs, although there’s some inclines to negotiate.  Disabled parking is a bit limited – but as I don’t have a blue badge it’s not a problem I suppose.  Oh – and it seemed the toilets were shut so it’s a good job home wasn’t far away!

There’s not as much to see as other places but it’s close by and in the week on a grey October day it was really quiet.  (There are formal gardens with a fountain and statues, tennis courts, pitch and putt, childrens play area, duck pond which has boats in the summer for children, large playing fields, an ice cream booth).

I like that there are plenty of benches so Growler can sit with me a while and watch the world go by.

20071012_beaconpark tree avenue 20071012_beaconpark autumn leaves

It was lovely to see the trees starting to turn autumnal and we even saw some silly dogs.  I love watching silly dogs!

Beacon Park also has a healthy duck population.  Ducks make me laugh.  I love how ducks are ducks not matter what.  They waddle about in their own duck way and quack and preen.  No matter what a duck is always a duck and they go on with their duck business. 

I aspire to be duck like 🙂

20071012_beaconpark autumn ducks


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