Don’t Mess With Sick Notes

 More stress for people who are too sick to go to work.  Proposals to let a ‘specialist’ team decided if you’re too ill to work and to do their best to get you back asap.  I don’t think the patients interests are at the heart of this idea – it’s about money.

“Professor Dame Carol Black, the Government’s national director of health and work, wants requests for sick notes, which currently go to GPs, instead to be scrutinised by teams of experts who would attempt to speed an employee’s return to work.

In a review due to be submitted to ministers in January, Dame Carol will propose the creation of “back to work” teams, based at GP practices, to which patients seeking sick notes would be referred.

The teams, staffed by physiotherapists, nurses, psychologists and employment advisers, would offer services that attempt to get patients back to work as soon as possible, instead of providing them with a sick note on demand.

Dame Carol said: “Too often doctors reach for a sick note when what is needed is some quick therapy, to agree adjustment to their working life, and to get them back to work.”

From The Telegraph “Get Tough on Sick Notes

Give us a break Dame Carol.  Life is tough enough without you putting the squeeze on too. 

There’s a petition for UK residents and ex-pats here


1 Response to “Don’t Mess With Sick Notes”

  1. 1 tammyrenee October 12, 2007 at 3:53 am

    You have GOT to be kidding me! Who on earth comes up with stuff? I know… some Democrat from America must be sharing notes with the folks over there, he, he. Just unbelievable!

    It’s Ouiser… changed blogs again. He, he.

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