Chocolate and CFS

Oh, if only 45g of dark chocolate a day could cure chronic fatigue syndrome.

What a lovely angle for our lazy media to latch onto.  Much easier than asking tough questions.

Great that our media will pick up on a study of a small group of people on a one month trial with dark chocolate and not be bothered about issues like the how new Department of Work and Pension guidelines now make it harder for persons with CFS to claim Incapacity Benefit in the UK.  Not quite a sexy or as silly I suppose.

And they even managed to make light of what was a serious piece of research building on previous work done by American researchers.

Well, ha ha – it can’t hurt can it?  What harm can it do? You legitimately get eat chocolate every day …

Try reading something a bit more balanced before you start on a new health kick involving chocolate as your miracle cure. 

Because as much I want it to be my miracle cure … there’s just a chance it could be stopping my neurons from firing properly.  Oh, and triggering my IBS.  Not to mention possible causing IBS and migraines for some people intolerent to it’s ingredients.


1 Response to “Chocolate and CFS”

  1. 1 Connie October 4, 2007 at 2:07 am

    So true. The media is some people’s only information source for health issues. And do they get it right? Not so much sadly.

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