This Blog Has No Direction

It’s been a week of reading other bloggers pondering and/or changing their blog direction.  Their sense of purpose having shifted or feeling a need to change. 

Which makes me feel a tiny bit guilty that this blog has no direction.  It’s purpose is even quite loose.  A space to ramble about the things I can’t express otherwise in the hope that maybe someone might relate to it, be helped or even it just helps me to get stuff out.

Seems all rather self indulgent – but there it is.

So my brain is fuzzy, my head is woolly, my thoughts tangled, my body in pain and discomfort.  Cue blogging.

If I were able to think better about purpose and direction I’d be writing a book not a blog I suppose.  So, I’m left with the “not bothered” feelings.  It is what it is, it does what it does, it doesn’t achieve what it doesn’t achieve.

I know that sometimes (like no for instance) the ramble continues long beyond a useful point becuase I have the vague hope that whilst I type and distract myself some of the pain and discomfort might drift away.  While I look over there – maybe things will change over here.  Or maybe not.

So – this blog had no direction.  And neither, it seems, did this blog post.


4 Responses to “This Blog Has No Direction”

  1. 1 Rachel M September 10, 2007 at 3:27 pm

    I still like to check your blogs. They give me comfort. (Yes, today’s post gives it, too.) Hugs

  2. 2 ouiser September 11, 2007 at 4:44 am

    Oh god! Not you too! Trust me… don’t change a thing! You may not realize it, but you said yourself what the purpose (or direction) of this blog is… “A space to ramble about the things I can’t express otherwise in the hope that maybe someone might relate to it, be helped or even it just helps me to get stuff out.” That is the most noble of directions if you ask me! I think I just got bored and needed a project. Wanted to be creative, perhaps. MAN… did that one go down in flames! Should have stuck with my washing machine art! Rachel… I love your blog! Don’t change a thing!

  3. 4 Kolina September 25, 2007 at 7:15 pm

    I love your blog! I am having such a hard time thinking at the moment, just so tired of living with CFIDS, FM, POTS, Thyroid disease and a whole bunch of other immune syndromes. I would have committed suicide along time ago if it were not for my faith in Jesus. 99% of people don’t understand what it is like to live with a or multiple chronic illnesses, you feel so alone and I get this feeling that most people think you want attention or you’re a hypochondriac. I am just so tired as I know you are, just existing is hard.
    Love and God Bless you

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