I Like My Doctor

Back from seeing my friendly GP.  She really is lovely.  I wish all doctors were lovely 🙂

She says yes, my chest hurts because I have a viral infection.  My lungs are clear.  Why do they hurt when I breathe?  That’s viral infections for you.  You says that’s the thing about CFS/ME – is the abnormal reaction to viral infections and that it takes ages for a CFS sufferer to get over things like this.  Sorry.  It’s sh!t (for want of a better word).

See – even when she gives me bad news she’s still lovely.

I also got to tweak my migraine med dose to see if that helps and she’s prescribed my paracetomal/codeine after telling her the pharmasist gently suggested to hubbie that he see his doctor if he was needing to take a lot of these on a regular basis.  We even had a good old laugh about hubbie dealing co-codamol on street corners.  He really has to do some things for me!  Facing the pharmasist with orders for pain killers as long as you arm.

Right at this moment – I’m 33 years old and I can’t do much of anything except natter away virtually and sit about feeling pain.  So I’m not bothered about taking pain killers every day or so if it helps.  Neither is Friendly Doctor.

She asked me again about referrals to physio or CFS clinic, but I declined and she siad that was fine no pressure at all.  Did I mention she’s lovely?  She also said if I wanted a neurology referral she would be happy to do that and even has a couple of neurologists in mind who she has good patient reports on.  She also told me that she was able to order a CT scan if I wanted and just to let her know (but they can’t order MRI unfortunately).   Still that’s good.

I’m not sure how interesting a blow by blow account of my doctors appointment is – but I know it can be worrying going to see a doctor about CFS.  I want to make sure I voice that some doctors are well, brilliant.

My one fear in life is that my Friendly Doctor will leave the practice. 

Actually I also worry that I will get twisted up in some high profile case and the tabloid press will discover my blogs and my myspace profile and pick and choose the nuttiest moments about me to splash around the world.  But as I don’t get out much I’m sure that’s fairly unlikely.

Oh and I worry that I will never lose weight (even more likely now I can’t be active) and most people will only know me as a fat lazy bird and never think of me as how I think I really am in my natural state which is shapely and active.

I digress.

Where was I?  Oh yes – my GP is lovely.  I asked if I could “have an upgrade to CFS on my records as it always says PVFS” and she laughed that it sounded like being upgraded to first class. She re-assured (for the hundreth time) that PVFS and CFS are interchangeable but she would write something on there.  Which is good because (I said) we’re thinking about applying for DLA and I don’t want any excuse from them finding something in my notes.

So now my repeat prescription order form is longer than ever and I whimpered that I never used to get sick, now look at me.  Hubbie handed prescriptions over to previously concerned pharmacist but held in reserve the note that Friendly Doctor had written about how me and codeine are just fine thank you very much.

Oh and I got to see things beyond my front gate – like people, cars, trees and car parks 😉


1 Response to “I Like My Doctor”

  1. 1 dxunknown August 18, 2007 at 7:30 pm

    Ugggh! Pharmacies! I only have one medicaiton for pain that I can take and still be “with it” enough to watch my son (Tramadol) and they treat me like a common criminal when I fill it, too. They play ’20 questions’ for the Tramadol, but didn’t think twice about giving me the antibiotic I’m highly allergic to, landing me in an anaphylaxis episode. Of course now I can’t even take the Tramadol without sometimes getting sicker.

    I so hate that you have to take so many meds, but thank goodness you’ve found a doctor who understands that. Most doctors here feel the risk of addiction far outweighs the benefits and people are left to suffer more than necessary. Plus, I think it is too much work for the doctors to keep up with patients who require a lot of medictaions. So yes… you DO have a LOVELY doctor!

    If we don’t get some finacial assistance soon, I may have to put my hubby to selling drugs on the street corner! he, he! I would sell my body, but that definately won’t pay the bills and paying out of those refunds could get old real quick. he he he

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