Meme: 8 Things About Me

I’ve been tagged in a meme by Connie and DX Unknown (or should that be Diagnosis X)

The Rules:

“Each person links to the person who tagged them. Then each person posts the rules before their list, then they list 8 things about themselves. At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people and then visits those peoples’ sites and comments letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come read the post, so they know what they have to do.”

I will be posting 8 useless things about me and my chronic illness as that’s the focus of this blog.  I think I have kind of already done this meme on my art blog.

  1. I often struggle with simple tasks and activities – but seem to be able to use my laptop most of the time however ill I feel (aside from full on migraine)
  2. I arranged to cut my working hours to part time to take the pressure off around the time I started to feel exhausted.  The date the hours cut came into being I was already on long term sick.  I kind of lost a fifth of my sick pay over the last year needlessly.
  3. My illness and subsequent disability has taught me to be more open minded and understanding.
  4. I have compacted discs at the bottom of my spine (diagnosed about 4 years ago) from wear and tear even though I am only 33.  If only I’d listened to my parents when they told me to sit up straight 😉
  5. If I was magically well again and completely rid of ME/CFS I would run around like a maniac.  I would get back to the active lifestyle I had in my twenties and teens.  I would also probably suggest having lots of babies.
  6. I have 11 GCSE’s grade A-C, 4 A-Levels grade A-C and a university Bachelors Honors degree (just a couple of points off a 2:1).  I am still as intelligent as ever but because of ME/CFS I forget how to spell.  A few days ago I couldn’t remember how to spell “some”.
  7. I absolutely love chinese food but I can’t eat it anymore (since ME/CFS) because it makes me really hyper and ill.
  8. When I need to relax or calm myself down I do a mini version of meditation techniques I learnt from a pocket guide book. I silently chant “Hong-Sau” (said Hong Saw).  Derived from sanscript it means “I am spirit”.  Sometimes I find myself chanting “Hong … Spirit … Sau … I am … Hong … Spirit …” etc.  I’m not sure it’s that literal the translation but it helps with my focus and the calming sentiment.

I’m not sure I have 8 bloggers to tag who haven’t been tagged already!

So here are some people who have been kind enough to leave me a comment in the past:

  1. Tammy
  2. Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow
  3. Bipolar Works
  4. Alison
  5. Coops
  6. Fighting Fatigue
  7. Learning to Soar
  8. Already been tagged …

And even if they don’t want to join in (or have done this already) this is still a good plug for their blogs.  I’d forgetten how interesting you all are 🙂

UPDATE: 29 November 2007 – I’ve been tagged to list 7 things by Sandy I figure you can just not read one of this list Sandy 😉

UPDATE: 16 December 2007 – I’ve been tagged to list 7 random things by Alicia at 


3 Responses to “Meme: 8 Things About Me”

  1. 1 hymes August 3, 2007 at 4:23 am

    I was already tagged by Writhe Safely, or saw her tag before yours. I just realized I forgot to tag 8 others though, thanks for the reminder :).

  2. 2 Connie August 9, 2007 at 5:14 am

    I love # 6. I recently forgot how to spell today. Kept thinking it was two words, really.

    And as for #5 you can “run around like a maniac” in your head all day. I do and it’s fun.

  3. 3 Alicia December 18, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    I should have done some investigative work, ha. Oh well, I am glad to read these regardless. I like learning more about ME/CFS from you.

    I can always use my laptop, too, no matter what’s going on!

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