I’ve Got a Viral Infection (That’s a Relief)

Managed to see a doctor at my surgery who says I have a viral infection in my chest.  Phew!  No more guessing or worrying.

She has prescribed paracetamol to control my high temperature (oooh so it’s not hot in here and it IS me then!) plus “good old fashioned steam inhalation”.  She also recommended “a few lung fulls of fresh air out the back door every day”.  She’s also given me a deferred prescription for anti-biotics so if it gets worse (she says Saturday will probably be the day it gets worse if it’s going to happen), the pain spreads or I cough up gree stuff (charming) then I can get the antibiotics and crack on with those.

What a relief.  I still feel horrible and like I want to lie down and sleep all the time (which is unusual for me) but now I know it’s because my body is doing it’s best to fight this infection.

PLUS my appointments russian roulette delivered another GP in my surgery who is friendly, thorough, patient, sympathetic and knowledgeable about CFS.  Hurrah!

Can it be a co-incidence that I stopped taking my vitamin suppliments about 3-4 weeks ago and then 10 days ago got my first lingering viral infection or cold in about a year?  Hmmmm.  As the doctor said to me today – with CFS everyone is different – you have to find what works for you.  (And do it!).


1 Response to “I’ve Got a Viral Infection (That’s a Relief)”

  1. 1 dxunknown August 2, 2007 at 7:06 pm

    Jacqueline will get a kick out of this one! he, he! I’ve been trying to convince her that supplements are a bad thing. I’ve not had as many food sensitivities as many other chronic sufferers, so I’m able to eat enough variety to meet my daily vitamin needs, but those who are restricted should most certainly take supplements to make up for what they are lacking. Will keep my fingers crossed that you don’t start seeing any green slime! he he

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