My Chronic Illness, Infection, Drug Side Effect or Something New?

I know I’m not alone with this one. 

Do you ever get times when you feel a different kind of ill, a different kind of pain, a different sort of sensation? And it’s so difficult to say whether it’s:

  • The chronic illness already known but a new symptom, or a more severe episode, or a sign of improvement even – a fighting off the mystery cause of your illness
  • An infection, a cold, a virus like everyone else gets and you just got unlucky to have it on top of everything else
  • A side effect from a new drug, a new combination of medication and over the counter medicine or new vitamin, or new regime of fighting for health having a weird side effect.  Or even a drug you’ve been taking for ages that is now having a side effect through prolonged use.
  • Something new.  Something different from everything else.  Something your doctor should know about.


Friendly supportive people say that you should always get any new symptom checked out – don’t just blame every new ailment of your chronic illness.  That’s how nasty things take a hold and get more serious than they need to.

Which is all well and good if you can just ring your doctors and roll up for an appointment, like easy right? 

If you can get to see a doctor who is not only going to take this ailment seriously but also consider it within the context of your other health problems.  Who is going to patiently listen while you explain all the variables that might be causing it.  And who is not going to roll their eyes, glaze over and see you as a repeat offender, always finding something wrong.

So I’m holding out with my odd chest/breathing/throat thing that seems to be coming and going, but without a recognisable pattern.  Because it’s odd and because my friendly GP is on holiday.  Because I’ve started new drugs.  Because I’m also having an odd sleeping pattern and loss of appetite and bloating/nauseau when I do eat – and I feel like I have been here before.  And because I’m tired and I want an easy life – even if that means the occasional worry about why my chest feels weird.

So I just smile, keep my fluids up, try not to breath too deeply while the wheeze is bad and focus on other things.


1 Response to “My Chronic Illness, Infection, Drug Side Effect or Something New?”

  1. 1 Connie July 30, 2007 at 4:36 am

    I hate it when those kind of things happen. It’s like is it from this chronic illness or that one? Did I catch a cold? What doctor should I call? Ahhh what a grand life! But hey, maybe we can get some kind of medical degree with all that we go through, except I’d forget lots of stuff with my brain fog 🙂

    Feel better….

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