Doctors Waiting Rooms Make Me Sick

Dear Doctors Surgery Staff,

Your waiting rooms make me feel really unwell.

You have put posters all over every wall – informative and something to look at while we wait?   More like overwhelming, hyper stimulation, confusion inducing overload.  Oh and you expect me to be able to pick out the important notices (report to receptionist, you cannot ring for repeat prescriptions, we are closed on such and such day) from all the other colourful, bold, eye catching twaddle.

You have a television on in the corner of the waiting room.  Something to occupy my mind, keep me calm, break the silence?  Something to distract and further pinball my brain.  More stimulation – usually from rubbish pap day time programmes that I avoid because they make my brains leak from my ears (well that’s how it feels anyway).

Your receptionists have loud conversations.  Right next to us.  About other patients.

Your lighting is dim.  It makes my head spin.

Your chairs are very close together.  So I’m uncomfortable and very close to potentially infectious people.  Thanks because what I need is an infection.  That’s a big help.

Your touch screen check in system is great – but it gets really sticky and god knows how germy it gets.  I tried checking in with my elbow but it’s not sensitive enough.  Can someone give it an anti-bacterial wipe every couple of hours? 

Please – your reception makes me feel so ill.  Can’t you improve the lighting and make it more restful?  When we have to wait and wait for late running doctors soaking up posters and telly and cave like lighting and conversations … it’s no wonder everyone’s blood pressure is up.  I know you’re on a budget and everything but please?


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