Spelling Backwards And Other Difficult Things

I was reading in Katrina’s Bernes book last night about one diagnostic test for CFS. 

There are many so if you think you have it please read up – this one test is not itself a singluarly diagnostic indication of CFS!  That’s the small print sorted.

This one was “fun” enough to try at home.  In fact there were two I tried from the following category:

Difficulty with cognitive functioning

– serial 7’s (counting backward from a 100 by 7’s)

– spelling words backwards

I started with the counting.  I asked everyone in the room in turn to count backward from 100 in 7’s.  I thought this was kind of cheating as by the time it was my turn I would have heard the answers!  They all did it easily though got a little slower past the forties.

When it got to my turn I said “100,  93, … … … … …”. Oh dear.  I knew I could break 7 into a 3 and a 4 and that would make it easier to find the next number … “so take the 3 off 93 to give me 90 … them take … oh … what’s the other bit I need to take off? … erm it’s 3 and … oh what was the number I’m supposed to be counting back in … 100, 93, oh right yes – 7’s! So if I break 7 into two number to make it easier …”

I never made it past 93.  Not after 5 attempts and listening to everyone else doing it.  Interesting.

Well, I never was good with numbers – I’m better with words.

Spelling backwards!  “Test me! Test me!” I yelled.  And you know it was fascinating.  I could do it mostly as long as I thought very hard and thought a while before I started.  But if I just started spelling straight off (like my husband did when I tested him) I just wanted to spell out the second half of the word and then the first half – and I knew it was wrong but carried on anyway!

 So “resting” backwards for me was “i n g r e t s”.  “humble” was ” e b l … h u m”.  It was hilarious – for about two minutes.  And than it started to dawn on me this was for real – this is really my misfiring brain exposed.

I’ll do some now – saying the word to myself and then spelling out loud.  here’s what I got:

  • discussion “ion cus dis”
  • trapped “detrppa”
  • alternative “ev …. iv …t …n a … lta”
  • hopeless “ssepaho”
  • understoof “doostoounde”

Oh dear.

It’s great in a way as it tells me more about what’s happening up there (or not happening).  Kind of scarey.  Kind of like a new party trick – one which I think only I find entertaining and only in short bursts until I catch up and realise this is quite serious.

Not that I need the tests to know I am impaired as I am having problems typing words the right way around forwards today!

I really am ready to rival the bear of little brain!


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