Space Cadet

I’m so exhausted today I feel like a space cadet – that is not with it, sort of disconnected.  It feels like I’m a bit high – but there’s no kick or rush.  And I wonder if I appear a bit as though I am high – my speech is slow, my brain is slow and I must have a pretty vacant expression.

I’m still astonished at what your body can do and how such small efforts for me can render my brain so slow and faltering.

I used to watch a lot of those fly on the wall airport programmes (hey I have been ill for over 18 months) and I see them kicking suspected drunks off flights.  I think – whoa that could be me!  “Well, she doesn’t smell of alcohol but she’s obviosuly impaired.  Her speech is quite slurry and she’s having problems with her balance – even standing up without wobbling.  And she doesn’t seem to be quite understanding what the staff are saying to her.”  Hmmm. 


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