Heal Thyself

It so cheered me up to discover in my surfings that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferers can heal themselves.  You just need to right diet / suppliments / mental attitude.  What a relief!

I thought it was just Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that needs this kind of application for a cure (rather than needing medical research or a better understanding of just what is happening in our neurological, endocrine, immune, lymphatic systems).

All I need is to do it myself.  I’m so happy for people locked in chronic illness who find a treatment, a therapy, an anything that improves their lives/health and even that frees them from their illness. 

I remain skeptical (did you pick up on that?).  But mainly I’m quite angry.

I take responsibility for myself, for my well being.  But the idea that if I only ate the right things, had the right mental approach, transcended to the correct alignment … then I could cure myself makes me grind my teeth and furrow my brow.  I think ‘miracle cures’ and alternative therapies (not all of the repuatable) are rife for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and that climate undermines clinical progress for patients.

There’s so little doctors are able to offer us and it lets governments off the hook by focusing our attention away from focused, accountable, transparent research and treatments.

It re-assures me (in an unsettling way) that a quick search reveals ‘cures’ for many difficult, debilitating, disabling and terminal illnesses.  Preying on vulnerable people with limited options. 

What angers me is that this filters to the mainstream for us CFS/ME sufferers – already dealing with stigma of our illness being misunderstood and the butt of many comedians cheap jokes still.  

Whilst I agree that nutrition, relaxation and positive attitude have an important role in recovery it is not a cure.  It re-inforces these (misguided) ideas that if we only pushed ourselves a little we’d get better.  That if we didn’t bring it on ourselves we’re certainly allowing it to hang around by not doing quite the right things.

I am ill ok?  My body is sick.  Because my illness is so complex I get given a blanket diagnosis and left to bump along with the millions of other people who have slightly similar slighty different conditions.  I don’t need a miracle cure – I need answers.


2 Responses to “Heal Thyself”

  1. 1 Fighting Fatigue May 16, 2007 at 2:40 pm

    Hi! I wanted to stop over and say hello since I saw that you added Fighting Fatigue to your blogroll! I will do the same and keep up the great job here!

  2. 2 Rachel May 16, 2007 at 5:23 pm

    YES. I cannot agree more.

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