Crusty Clothes

Well it’s not a nice topic but it’s a point of odd fascination for me. 

Ever since I’ve been ill I’ve noticed more and more how crusty my clothes get so quickly.

Somehow I splatter myself with food however hard I try.  It’s not like I even realise that food escapes me, or that most days it’s a particulalry big effort to put food in my mouth.  But all the same, somehow, these crusty little food stains appear.  It just happens.

I cringe with embarrassment for a minute or two, but realise this happens despite my best efforts so it’s not worth getting embarrassed about.  I do wonder some days though how I got to be this slightly vacant looking, crusty clothed, unkempt, sofa sitter.  In fact some days I need someone to remind me it’s because I’m ill.

Lesson:  don’t judge a book by it’s cover – however sticky or crusty it may be.


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